School Transitions For Students

School Transitions For Students
Posted on 06/01/2023
This month’s Insight Into Learning video focuses on our school transitions for students. We firmly believe that providing students with a smooth and informative school transition process contributes to student success at all levels.

Our school transition process begins with our Developmental/Kindergarten students as we welcome them into our schools and begin to help them better understand some of the learning experiences that they will soon engage in within our schools. They also get to meet their teachers, visit their classrooms and are invited to a spring school event the year before school starts, along with a fall event for students and families.

The elementary to ROMS school transition helps incoming 6th-grade students better understand what awaits them in middle school. The first experience occurs at the ROMS Open House, where incoming 6th-grade students (current 5th graders) and their parents visit the middle school to learn more about its offerings.

Our ROMS Student Connector Leaders welcome the 5th graders and take them on a school tour to show them the ins and outs of ROMS. Our middle school tours also coincide with the activities that 5th-grade students participate in during a typical school day. There is also a fall event for incoming 6th graders as well.

Our 8th-grade to 9th-grade school transitions are one of the final transitions our students take part in as they begin their journey at Royal Oak High School. Some of our administrators and counselors at ROHS visit the 8th-grade students at ROMS to begin the school transition process and provide students with more information about some of the course offerings, clubs, and activities students can participate in at ROHS.

The Raven Rally and ROHS Open House provide two other opportunities for incoming 9th-grade students to become involved in and interact with the many opportunities and clubs at ROHS. As part of the open house, students and families can meet the teachers, tour the school, and review our 10th-grade MYP Personal Projects presentations by current 10th-grade students.

We feel strongly about our school transitions process and the opportunities it provides students and families at all levels to understand better the opportunities and experiences that await them at the next level! You can watch the video below.