ROMS Creative Shoe Design Contest

ROMS Creative Shoe Design Contest
Posted on 05/03/2024
Jada and Ben

In December 2023, Royal Oak Middle School had the pleasure of hosting a captivating guest speaker, Jada "From the Block" Henderson. Jada, a celebrated custom shoe designer, shared her inspiring journey with Art and Design students, offering valuable insights into personal branding. Her visit aligned perfectly with the ongoing Middle Years Programme (MYP) Design unit on Personal Branding, enriching students' understanding of identity and its connection to the world around them.

The collaboration between Jada and Royal Oak Middle School not only enhanced students' comprehension of personal branding but also provided a real-world application of MYP Design concepts. Inspired by this collaboration, Principal Kristin Meldrum initiated a shoe design contest open to all students in grades 6-8. The contest aimed to deepen students' understanding of personal branding while fostering creativity and innovation.

After a period of creativity and hard work, 6th Grader Ben Ellis emerged as the grand prize winner, earning 1st Place. In April, Jada "From the Block" Henderson returned to ROMS to present Ben with a custom pair of Nike shoes inspired by his winning design. This moment celebrates Ben's creativity and achievement and underscores the power of collaboration and real-world application in education.

Among the talented participants, the top 12 winners of the contest were:

1st Place: 6th Grader Ben Ellis - Awarded Custom Nike shoes inspired by his design
2nd Place: 7th Grader Ainsley Steiner - Awarded DIY Shoe Kit from Jada
3rd Place: 7th Grader Charlotte Yakima - Awarded DIY Shoe Kit from Jada

Other notable entries include:

6th Graders: Tyler Smith, Nora Hussmann, Annaliese Miller
7th Graders: Aviya Hall, Emma Charnesky
8th Graders: Aster Link, Sylvia Heidtman, Michael Vollmer, Daphne West

MYP Coordinator Angela Mallory said, "Each of these students demonstrated remarkable creativity and skill in their designs, contributing to the success and vibrancy of the contest."

The shoe design contest not only provided a platform for artistic expression but also reinforced the importance of personal branding and collaboration in education. Congratulations to all the winners and participants for their outstanding contributions and for the dedication of the staff that brought this idea to life.