School Messenger

School Messenger is an online portal for parents that is used by the district to communicate information such as, school delays, early dismissals, and emergency information.

Parents will be able to receive important messages directly from their school through the lines of communication that are easiest for them, including home phones, cell phones and other mobile devices and e-mail.

The District also using this form of communication to send vital messages to families and community partners.

Online Learning Laptop

As a parent, you need to maintain current contact information in order to receive the messages and not "block" them so no important messages are missed for your child(ren).

And now, community members can to subscribe to district emails. Users enter their information and then they can choose their interest areas for receiving emails. For instance, if they are primarily interested in Superintendent update emails, they would choose "General" announcements and not select attendance, food service, etc. They can also select to sign up for information from a specific school.