School safety plans, or Emergency Operations Plans include any emergency, such as health/medical needs, local issues, stormy weather, and more. Royal Oak Schools collaborates with the Royal Oak Police Department for school safety planning. 



In early spring of 2022 the district conducted an independent safety audit with Secure Education Consultants (SEC). The auditor walked through all spaces and evaluated safety plans at the time. Secure Education Consultants found that the district ranked in the top 20% of districts assessed across the country. They did include some recommendations for the district to work on. To read more about this study, click here.

"Summer has provided us time to complete some of those changes and recommendations," said Superintendent Mary Beth Fitzpatrick at the fall State of the Schools address. "(We've) enhanced our safety plans, including the installation of Nightlock doors safety mechanisms." In addition, repairs were made or hardware replaced as recommended, and Go Bags, which include safety equipment and the district's Emergency Operations Plan, were created. Each building, each classroom, and every coach has a Go Bag in case of emergency. An overview of the protocols was presented to all staff by the ROPD, including SRO Yerke. All new staff participated in intense training on school safety during their staff orientation.  And during the school year regular drills and practices are conducted with students.

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Meet Officer Lipscomb

Watch this student-produced video to learn more about Royal Oak Schools School Resource Officer, Antonio Lipscomb.  


A Message From Sheriff Bouchard

With all of the continuing threats against schools across Oakland County, Sheriff Bouchard wanted to put out a video message to make his position very clear. It has not changed, nor will it. He asked Dr. Wanda Cook-Robinson, the superintendent of Oakland Schools, to send this out to every school district in Oakland County. She agreed and has been a great partner. Finally, we get questions about different roles. Charging decisions are up to the prosecutor and determination of student status, i.e. suspension or expulsion are up to the school district. Please share this with every student of every school in Oakland county.

Sheriff Bouchard