ROHS Yearbook Staff Earns Award Of Excellence
Posted on 03/30/2023
Yearbook Staff

It's almost time for the 2023 Royal Oak High School yearbook to come out, just in time to celebrate a honor for those that worked on the previous year's book.

The 2022 book was inducted into the Gallery of Excellence for Walsworth Publishing which is big news for the staff. Only 8 other schools in the State of Michigan were recipients of this national honor, according to the announcement from the publisher.

"Yearbooks like yours set the standard for scholastic journalism," said Don Walsworth, President Walsworth Yearbooks. "Our Gallery of Excellence is comprised of an elite group of the highest caliber yearbooks we print, and we congratulate you and your yearbook staff for achieving this distinction."

Pictured are 4 out of 5 of the current staff members who were on the staff last year. Staff members in order: Leah Baharozian- co-Editor-in-Chief this year, Finja Moellenhoff- Coverage Editor, Scarlet Nickel- Co-Editor-in-Chief, Scarlett Van Every- Coverage Editor. Not Pictured: Jessica Jenkins- Photography Editor

Yearbook award