No Dogs Allowed On School Property
Posted on 05/03/2023

With warmer weather, we are experiencing issues with people walking dogs on school property. Some are after hours, but people also walk their dogs during school hours. While many students love dogs, not all of our students do. There are students that are afraid of dogs, even allergic to dogs, so having them nearby is unsuitable for our school community. Some pet owners are not picking up after their dogs, which is creating a mess on our school property and students' shoes. During the day, some dog owners let their pets off leash at Royal Oak Middle School track and field, which was just renovated during the last bond.

According to the City of Royal Oak, many parks are dog friendly. There is Mark Twain Dog Park made just for our furry friends. The Royal Oak Animal Mission (ROAM) members worked hand in hand with the city of Royal Oak to identify property formerly occupied by the Mark Twain Elementary School to be designated as a dog park.

Although we love our furry friends, we can only have dogs on the premises before, during, or after school if the building administrator authorizes them. Service animals and therapy dogs visit our schools, but our staff always knows those visits well in advance.

Royal Oak Schools asks that you share the "no dogs allowed" information with others in the community. Our principals also include the information in the newsletters they send home to families, but we need help getting to get the word out. Thank you.

Thank you.