Biscuit Beacon Founded By Student

Find A Water Bowl For Your Dog With Biscuit Beacon
Posted on 10/09/2023

Sarah Milligan is a Junior at Royal Oak High School and the Founder and CEO of Biscuit Beacon. Biscuit Beacon is an app for your mobile device to improve your dog walking experience by alerting the walkers to locations of treat jars in the area and water bowls for your pooch.


"I created Biscuit Beacon to elevate everyday dog walks," Sarah said. "I was walking my Boston Terrier Percy, and we came across a treat jar on our walk, and it was joyous to find!" That treat jar gave Sarah the idea to create the app. She wishes that more places would participate and says that more users on the app will push engagement. "It works best with a lot of people on the app." That's because the app is a map where you can find public treat jars and water bowls at businesses or homes. Anyone can add to or update the app when they see a jar or water bowl or even mark if it is empty. If you add a water bowl, you'll receive "Biscuit Coins" that you can use to update your profile or other fun things on the app.


Sarah started Biscuit Beacon as an idea in 2022 as a Freshman. Her dad came up with the name! She joined a competition about developing an idea with a team for a business. She worked with two others during that virtual competition; now, she has 22 on her team. All volunteers work on app development, marketing, website development, and design. She does have some outside funding, including revenue based on ads on the app.


You can find the free app wherever you download apps for your mobile device.