Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Practices


"Forward Together," a cultural competence planning outline that evolved to include a community forum, parent groups, and student-led groups. This idea led to hearing experiences related to Royal Oak Schools and share what the district was doing around diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Created in 2019, the Cultural Competence Engagement Committee was developed around DEI work in the following areas in the Royal Oak School district:

  • Curriculum, Instruction, and Resources
  • Recruitment, Hiring and Retention Practices
  • Staff/community professional Development
  • Responding to student needs and behavior

The next goal of the group was to develop a district-level DEI team. In May of 2022, the Cultural Competence Engagement Committee (CCEC) officially ended.

So where are we now? The new district-level team, called the JEDI Council (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) has began meeting. The core council is made up of the District DEI Coordinator, representatives from each school building in the district, PTSA representatives, and students who will continue to do the work the CCEC began.

Work So Far:


Introducing the Royal Oak Schools Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Council! In 2019, the Cultural Competence Engagement Committee was developed around DEI work in the district focusing around four key areas:

- Curriculum and Instruction
- Recruitment Hiring and Retention Practices
- Staff and Community Professional Development
- and responding to needs and behavior.

After two years of hard work and accomplishments, one of the recommendations to the district was that the district develop a district-level DEI team. The official structure of the CCEC ended, but the work continues! The JEDI council was formed and met for the first time in June of 2022, and just recently had our first meeting of the new school year. The core council membership includes school building representatives, PTSA DEI teams, the Board of Education, ROMPA (Royal Oak Multi-cultural Parent Association) members, and administrators.
We are working on adding students and additional community members. Residents of Royal Oak will be able to get involved via our core initiatives and study being formed now which include School-wide Systems and Structures; Family, Caregiver and Community Partnerships; Teaching and Learning; and District and State Policies.

Stay tuned for more about what we are doing!


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