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Exciting After School Programs in Partnership with Cranbrook Institute of Science

Royal Oak Schools is delighted to announce an exciting partnership with the Cranbrook Institute of Science, bringing exceptional after-school programs to your school. These engaging programs have been thoughtfully designed to captivate the imaginations of students in grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8.

Registration is Now Open!

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity. You can sign up for the Cranbrook After School Program by clicking the link below:

Cranbrook After School Program Registration
Act fast because space is limited! To ensure a quality learning experience, we limit the program to the first 50 elementary school students (25 in grades K-2 and 25 in grades 3-5) and the first 30 students from ROMS.

Important Dates and Times

Our after-school program sessions will run from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM for elementary school students and from 3:00 PM to 3:45 PM for middle school students. These sessions will take place once a month on the following dates:

  • Northwood: 10/23, 11/6, 2/1, 3/1, 4/2
  • Oak Ridge: 10/24, 11/8, 2/2, 3/4, 4/3
  • Addams: 10/25, 11/9, 2/5, 3/5, 4/8
  • Keller: 10/26, 11/13, 2/6, 3/8, 4/9
  • Upton: 10/27, 11/14, 2/8, 3/11, 4/10
  • Oakland: 10/30,11/17,12/13, 2/7, 3/6, 4/12
  • ROMS: 10/24, 11/15, 2/9, 3/12, 4/11

Exciting Program Offerings

Each month, our programs will delve into a different exciting topic tailored to the specific grade levels. Here's a sneak peek at what your child can look forward to:

For Grades K-2: Dino Tale

In "Dino Tale," your child will embark on a journey back in time to explore the land of dinosaurs. Young paleontologists will have the opportunity to work with real dinosaur fossils and model casts, piecing together the captivating story of the creatures that once ruled the Earth millions of years ago. This program promises adventure and discovery that will ignite the imagination of your young explorer.

For Grades 3-5: Our Dynamic Earth

"Our Dynamic Earth" is an exploration of Michigan's geological history. Your child will have the chance to investigate actual fossils, rocks, and minerals, deciphering the clues these specimens provide about our state's rich geological past. This hands-on program is designed to foster a deep appreciation for Earth's incredible history and the science behind it.

For Grades 6-8: Pegboard Challenge

For older students, we present the "Pegboard Challenge." This program is all about testing problem-solving skills and embracing engineering challenges. Students will think outside the box and collaborate with their peers to navigate a pegboard obstacle course. The goal: Move a small ball across obstacles, all within a limited timeframe and with limited resources. It's an exercise in creative problem-solving and teamwork.


We're excited to partner with the Cranbrook Institute of Science to bring the wonders of science to your school. Join us for an adventure through time, Earth's history, and the exciting engineering world. Enroll your child in our Cranbrook After School Program today and watch their enthusiasm for science flourish.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity for hands-on learning and fun. 

 Sign up today, and let's explore the world of science together!