Lincoln Time Capsule

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With great anticipation, WOAK, our student broadcast channel, announced the airing of "The Discovery of the Lincoln Time Capsule."


The documentary showcases a time capsule that was buried in 1965 by then Lincoln Elementary School sixth grade students. The time capsule, which included items from many of the classmates, was opened on June 13, 2019 at a Royal Oak Schools board meeting.

Lincoln TC Kids

The capsule was recently rediscovered in an old locker room at Addams Elementary. In WOAK's new documentary, they crack open the time capsule and take a look at the story behind it. The documentary features Lincoln alumni, Kurt Bakker, who has also started a Facebook Group for Lincoln alum to post their memories. Royal Oak elementary students took a peek into the time capsule and then shared their thoughts on what life might've been like 55 years ago as a sixth grader as well.

Audio Tape

WOAK produced this documentary that includes footage of the time capsule being opened, reaction from a few of the original students that put items into the capsule, and comments from 6th graders with their take on the items from over 5 decades ago.

Time Capsule

"Discovery of the Lincoln Time Capsule" premiered on Friday, November 13 at 6:00 PM on WOAK. It is available for viewing via the Royal Oak Schools YouTube page.

Items from the time capsule can be seen at the District Office in display cases located outside of the boardroom. If you have any memories or know anything about the time capsule, please email [email protected].