Oakland Elementary

Construction is complete that started in the spring of 2020. Oakland Elementary underwent construction for the 2017 bond work. The projects included:

  • Main office renovations: New office furniture, EPIC sound system integration for PA announcements and student security
  • Learning Commons improvements: New carpeting, new paint, all new furniture, new book stacks, additional technology includes SMART Board
  • Upgrades in instructional technology: SMART Board, white board and tack board, EPIC sound enhancement
  • New classroom furniture: Flexible classroom furniture (varies by grade levels), teacher technology workstations
  • Constructed a new kitchen and servery (new space and location to better serve students)
  • Constructed a new multipurpose room
  • Constructed new ASD classroom
  • Constructed new offices/classrooms for psychologist, RTI, OT/PT, Speech/ESL, learning support specialist and academic support
  • Remodeled and relocate Spanish/music classroom
  • Remodeled and relocate art classroom
  • Electrical and mechanical systems upgraded
  • Lockers replaced
  • Building security enhancements
  • Upgraded existing elevator
  • Replaced windows
  • Constructed new drop-off loop and parking area
  • New exterior sign
  • New playground equipment

Prior to 2020, the school received new playground equipment, SMART boards in every classroom and a new electronic sign as part of the bond improvements.