Royal Oak Schools Looks Back Over The Last 100 Years

Royal Oak Schools Looks Back Over The Last 100 Years
Posted on 12/10/2021


A documentary featuring local residents, businesses, and students talking about the changes they've experienced from school activities to technology was produced for the event by Royal Oak Senior, Faye Pinho.

"Faye began work on this project this past summer in August, by the time the school year began, she had already conducted and recorded several interviews," said Mike Conrad, Video Production Teacher at the high school. " Her dedication to the completion of this project was wonderful to watch. She really owned it. It is something that the school district, and the city of Royal Oak, should be proud of."

Faye did almost 100% of the shooting and editing for the production which premiered on WOAK on December 2.

You can watch the documentary, "100 Years of Royal Oak Schools," on WOAK from your home or online with this link.

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