Resources For Talking About The Situation In Ukraine

Resources For Talking About The Situation In Ukraine
Posted on 03/14/2022

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has elicited some fears and misunderstandings with students. This situation can be very upsetting for our young learners.

Social media and the news have been filled with Russian attacks on Ukraine. As the violence continues, you may be left wondering how to discuss these events with your child. Below are some resources to help you as parents guide these conversations with your child. Please encourage your child to talk to a trusted adult if they see or hear upsetting information, rather than discussing it with other children. This can help to mitigate the spread of misinformation and fear among students.

Supporting Youth Affected by War-National Association of School Psychologists

3 Tips for Talking to Kids about War and Violence-Little Justice Leaders

Resources to discuss the events in Ukraine with students

Talking To Child About War

Ukraine: 5 ways to talk to children about conflict

This information was put together by our Supervisor of Elementary Instruction and English Language Development Coordinator with support from our School Psychologists and Oakland Schools.