Preparing Our Students For That Next Step

Preparing Our Students For That Next Step
Posted on 04/04/2022

Transitioning to a new school can be a scary thing. That's why our leadership staff at Royal Oak Middle School made a point to meet the incoming 5th-grade students last month. ROMS Assistant Principal Myron Miller, Michael Betman, next year's 6th-grade counselor, and Nicole Reynolds, ROMS Restorative Practices Coordinator, visited classrooms and talked with students about the middle school. In addition, 5th graders made a trip to the middle school to check it out in person.

"The official transition of our 5th graders becoming a part of our ROMS community begins with bus rides to their new school every year in March," said ROMS Principal Todd Noonan. "It was so awesome having 5th graders at ROMS in-person this year. These visits are fun and exciting for our 5th graders--and for their ROMS hosts. Our ROMS Student Connectors group takes the lead in delivering a warm and welcoming program, which includes small-group tours, opportunities to meet students, teachers, counselors, and administrators, visits to classrooms, and glimpses into our unique IB MYP subject area offerings."

Welcome To ROMS

students in ROMS auditorium

Students visit ROMS

After the event, 5th graders head back to their elementary schools having a better understanding of what awaits them at their next school.

Bettman with students

Michael Betman talks to 5th-grade students at Addams Elementary about transitioning to Royal Oak Middle School in the fall.

Betman, ROMS School Counselor, has been the key sponsor of this important leadership group since its launch in 2017, and every year the 5th-grade visits offer a more refined program and deeper connection opportunities, Noonan added.

Towards the end of the month, ROMS 8th grade students traveled to visit Royal Oak High School. Students met teachers, administrators, and other students, as well as toured the building and discussed high school life.

Welcome to ROHS

Students from Royal Oak Middle School check out the high school.

ROMS students at ROHS

"We're excited to welcome our future Ravens to ROHS," said Royal Oak High School Principal Mike Giromini. "This visit provided us another opportunity to connect with our students as they transition to high school, and it provided them the chance to meet students, staff, and learn more about our building and programs. It's another step in our process to ensure they are ready to hit the ground running next fall."