Gifts of Books From One Class to Another

Gifts of Books From One Class to Another
Posted on 06/01/2022

The Royal Oak High School National Honor Society collected books for the preschoolers at Addams ECC for a service project.

Book Walk

ROHS Senior Nicholas Lagoe initiated the project because he knew how much our little ones enjoy books and would love one to take home. Caden Catchick also donated books that he collected as a service project.

"This was a great day for all," said Danielle Truesdell, ECC Supervisor. "Personally, it was extra special to have Caden and Nicholas give back through their senior service projects, I have fond memories of both from their time here as students at the ECC."

The Honor Society collected over 120 books that were distributed to preschoolers.

Preschoolers With Books

"I wanted to have an opportunity to give back to the first place where I started school," said Nicholas. "We were able to collect so many children's books because everyone liked to donate a favorite book they remembered reading."

Some of the Honor Society members came to Addams ECC to help the children go on a book walk to pick out a book and even stayed to read to them. It was a very special time as these seniors (Class of 2022) were giving a gift to the incoming class of kindergartners (Class of 2035).

Book Gifts