Erfolg For German Students At ROHS

Erfolg For German Students At ROHS
Posted on 05/01/2022

Royal Oak High Schoolers did very well at this year's German Day.

On April 8, 2022, the Royal Oak High School 10th, 11th and 12th grade German students participated in the University of Michigan's annual German Day competition. This is a day where high school and middle school German students from around the state come together to celebrate learning German and compete in various events. This year's theme was Erzählkunst or Storytelling and Royal Oak German students created original comics, fanzines, skits, cooking shows, poems, flash fiction, podcasts, websites, music, and news broadcasts around this theme. Their creations were submitted to German Day and judged by University of Michigan professors and German students. Our students did very well and were awarded prizes in many categories.

Here is a list of our winners and some of their submissions:

Jackson Honner - 1st place, Website design

Reagan Millard - 1st place - Original Poetry

Jasmine Gittinger - 1st place - Comic, Level 1

Dylan Hofmann - 1st place - Comic, Level 2

Ava Motz and Sloane Diciscio - 1st place - Fanzine

Maya Rummel - 1st place - Podcast

Josie Devine - 1st place - Short Stories

Elizabeth Murray - 1st place - Best Pictures in a Cooking Show

Ethan Stine - 2nd place - Oral Argumentation

Esther Toy - 2nd place - Fanzine

Samuel Pierce - 2nd place - Podcast

Jessica Kaplan and Lenora Say - 2nd place - News Broadcast

Jacob Sandzik, Jack Schultz, Cody Schneider, and Miles Lehman - 3rd place - Comic, Level 1

Masha Staples - 3rd place - Comic, Level 3, 2nd place - Music

Charlotte Murray and Ava Suiter - 3rd place - Skits, Level 1

Thomas Kitchen, Thomas Romito and Kacey Kelly - 1st place - Skits, Level 2*
*This group wrote an entire rap/musical about a story they had read in class.

"I am so proud of all of our German students and I cannot wait to see what they come up with next year," said Erica Brehmer, ROHS German & Spanish Teacher.

Jasmine Gittinger - 1st place
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Ava Motz and Sloane Discrisio - 1st place

Comic 1
Comic 2
Comic 3

If you want to check out all of their submissions, please look through the German Day website and check out all of the work our students did.