A Big Story For Us In 2021

A Big Story For Us In 2021
Posted on 12/27/2021

A big story for us in 2021 was the installation of UVC technology in our classrooms and buildings to sanitize the air and prevent illnesses.

Recently our story was published in a international publication for ASHRAE.

Please feel free to share this great news and learn more about the great work we're doing to improve indoor air quality and building performance at Royal Oak Schools.

Michigan Chapter Outreach Videos Posted on ASHRAE YouTube Channel

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Detroit and Western Michigan ASHRAE Chapters have worked with school districts, health care facilities, and nonprofit organizations to recommend modifications to build ventilation and HVAC systems to reduce health risks in buildings. Sonya Pouncy, the Chair of the Joint Michigan ASHRAE Chapters COVID-19 Task Force, along with Vice Chairs Simon Ren, Jim Newman and Brad Herbeck, and other ASHRAE members and volunteers, provided expert technical analysis and advice on building systems to these organizations to reduce the risk of indoor airborne pathogen transmission. As part of this effort, the chapters worked with the Royal Oaks School District, the Ronald McDonald House in Detroit, and Beaumont Health Systems to create three videos to further disseminate this information. These videos can be found on the ASHRAE YouTube channel here. More information on ASHRAE's COVID-19 resources, including HVAC and ventilation guidelines for school buildings, healthcare facilities, andother building types, can be found on the ASHRAE website here.

Link to more information on Royal Oak Schools cleaning protocols.