Our Mission Statement

Royal Oak Schools will create a world-class system for learning by building active partnerships among students, educators, families, and community to prepare all students to participate in an ever-changing world as responsible lifelong learners. To learn more about Royal Oak Schools click here.

District Goals      


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Superintendent Selection Finalized

At a Board of Education meeting held on April 13, 2017, our School Board formally entered into contract with Mary Beth Fitzpatrick to be our Superintendent of Schools, effectiveJuly 1, 2017.    Ms. Fitzpatrick currently serves as an Assistant Superintendent in the Berkley Schools.  Ms. Fitzpatrick and Shawn Lewis-Lakin, our current superintendent, have already started working together to make the transition from his departure to her arrival as seamless as it can possibly be.   Our school board engaged in a very thorough and deliberate process to select Ms. Fitzpatrick as our new superintendent and we are very confident in what the future holds for our students, our schools and our community.


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2017 Summer Sports Camp

Come and join the fun at our summer sports camp.  Summer sports camp brochure

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