search engines

All the search engines listed on this page allow you to perform a general search on the Internet.

Keyword Indexes

Filtered Search Engines

Subject Directories

MetaSearch Engines

External LinkAlltheWeb
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External LinkAsk Jeeves! 
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External LinkInfoseek 
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External LinkLycos  
External LinkVivísimo
External LinkYahoo Search

External LinkAsk Jeeves for Kids!
External LinkKids Click!
External LinkKids Ithaki
External LinkStart Squad 
External LinkYahooligans!

External LinkAOL NetFind
External LinkWebCrawler
External LinkYahoo!

External LinkDogpile
External LinkMamma
External LinkMetaCrawler
External LinkOneSeek


Search Engines allow users to search the Internet using specific words (keywords) and phrases. Use this type of search for very specific or unique information.

Filtered Search Engines & Directories are “kid-friendly” sites and only allow access to websites that are appropriate for children.

Subject Directories allow the users to search for websites located within the directory. Websites are arranged by topics and subtopics. Use this type of search for information that neatly fits into broad categories like Art, Science, Animals, Travel, etc.

Meta-Search Engines search similarly to regular search engines, but allow the user to search both search engines and directories at the same time.