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  • The fee to participate in the first season for ROMS is $100.  Go directly to SchoolPay to pay. You must also upload your receipt from School Pay to Big Teams
  • If you are not registered please click here for step-by-step instructions.  For support please call 1-866-448-9438.
  • A physical post dated April 15, 2022 must be uploaded as a part of the registration along with your $100 pay to participate receipt. IF the athlete is cut a refund will occur.
  • Click here for a physical form!

Fall - September - November


Girls Basketball  -   First day of tryouts will be Thursday, September 8th

                                    Coaches:  7th Grade - michael.betman@royaloakschools.org                                                                                 8th Grade - brian.sopata@royaloakschools.org  

                                    2022 Girls Basketball  INFORMATION LINK                                        

Cross Country    -   (one team, grades 6-8 boys/girls)       

                                       Coaches:  kelley.miko@royaloakschools.org                                                                                                            jim.bowker@royaloakschools.org                                                                                                            erica.lee@royaloakschools.org  

                                     2022 Cross Country Website Link

                                       SUMMER TRAINING LINK


FOOTBALL  -  (one team, 7/8 grade)      Conditioning starts Thursday, September 8th                        

                                        Coaches:    jason.chmiel@royaloakschools.org                                                                                                         jason.palazzolo@royaloakschools.org                                                                                                    alexander.tsakoff@royaloakschools.org

                                          FUTURE RAVENS CAMP LINK                                                                                                              RAVENS WEIGHT AND CONDITIONING CAMP LINK


WINTER 1:  Mid November - Mid January     

Boys Basketball        

Basketball Coaches:   7th Grade - KevinFriesen  and     8th Grade - John Sebastian        

Swim   (Boys and Girls 7th and 8th)      

Coach Alex Buckheim   (alexanderjbuckheim@gmail.com)    and Jamie Blake

        6th Grade Intramural Swim Team Start Time TBD    


WINTER 2: Late January - Mid March

Wrestling (one team, 6-8 grade)           

Coach:  Jeff Bowman         Jeff.Bowman@oakland.k12.mi.us                       

Girls Volleyball 

7th Grade Coaches: natalie.weir@royaloakschools.org  lauren.shafer@royaloakschoools.org              8th Grade Coach:     michael.betman@royaloakschools.org 

  MEET SCHEDULE with away address and map link


SPRING: April-May  TRACK                 TRACK WEBSITE LINK


Boys Track (One team,  7/8) eric.wright@royaloakschools.org & erica.lee@royaloakschools.org 

Girls Track (One team,  7/8)  kelley.miko@royaloakschools.org & alexanderjbuckheim@gmail.com


ROMS Athletic Eligibility

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 School Pay/  

If you are interested in participating in athletics or an intramural sport at Royal Oak Middle School please review the information below.   

External Link MHSAA Parent Guide   

PDF DocumentMHSAA Physical   

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