Attendance Policy

Attendance is the primary responsibility of parents/guardians and students. Education is the primary responsibility of schools. The educational process concerns itself with the development of critical thinking and the sharing of ideas. To succeed within an educational environment, a student must build and practice strong attendance habits. These habits will be beneficial to the student both presently and for the duration of his/her life. The school views regular attendance as crucial and pledges to work with parents/guardians and students to foster punctual and regular attendance. Further, processes for checking in and out of school help us ensure student safety at all times.

Reporting Absences

In the best interest of all parties involved, the school should be notified by the parent/guardian on each and every day a student is absent. The parent/guardian must call the Attendance Office at 248-435-8500 (press 1) by 1:30 p.m. each day of their child’s absence. Voicemail is available for messages if no one is available to take your call. 

If the parent/guardian is going to be unavailable, please notify the school in advance as to who will be responsible for calling in any absences for your child. 

Use the phone to excuse a full-day or a morning absence. If necessary, the Attendance Office will accept a note the day the student returns. Absences not excused within 48 hours will remain unexcused. 

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English Language Development (ELD)

We believe our diverse families add educational and cultural value to the Royal Oak Schools Community of Excellence. 

We are committed to offering high-quality academic and language services to English Learners, as well as community support and services for their families.

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