ROMS CLUBS 2021/2022



Sponsored by:    Dustyn Truitt                   Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Date:    9/16/21                       Ending Date:  1/5/22
Time:      7-7:45AM                         Meeting Day: Thursday
Location: Gym

Students who play fantasy football can meet to talk about their teams, help set line ups, and just talk football. So if you are interested in, or currently play fantasy football, this club is for you.


Sponsored by:    Dustyn Truitt                   Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Date:    9/13/21                       Ending Date:  11/5/21
Time:      6:30-7:30 am                    Meeting Day: Monday and Friday
Location: Gym

Our sports training and conditioning club is designed to help students improve their overall strength and power in preparation for upcoming and current sports seasons. Students will follow a guided workout consisting of weight lifting, plyometrics, and agility.

STUDENT COUNCIL - By Application Process:

Sponsored by: Kate Chambers, Lindsey Potterack 

Leadership club for students

Starting Date: 9/24/21 Th/F  Grade Level: 6-8

Ending Date: 6/10/22  Time: 7:20am

Location: Student Council Room (across from Gym)

We are only doing re-applications of old members now, and at the end of the month we will send out new member applications

Student Council is one of Royal Oak Middle School's Leadership Clubs.  Students become representatives by going through an application process mid-October.  Representatives who maintain acceptable grades and citizenship can maintain their position for all years at ROMS. During the virtual learning, returning members may apply.  Once the district transitions to a hybrid model, new members may apply.