traffic, safety & Parking

For the safety of our students, please read and follow these guidelines

student drop off and pick up

Students should not arrive at school before 8:15 a.m. because there is no direct supervision provided on the playground areas. For safety reasons, students should go directly home after school.

Students are assigned specific doors to enter and exit. These doors are determined by their grade-level and teacher. Kindergarten students will enter and exit the doors located in the back of the building in the north parking lot off Samoset Avenue. All other grade-levels will enter and exit through the doors in the front of the building.

  • Allow students to enter and exit vehicles at CURBSIDE ONLY when being dropped off or picked up.
  •   Students should cross the street only at the designated crosswalk and with a safety patrol or an adult.
  • Students should never cross in front of traffic.


There is one main crosswalk in front of the school at Nakota and Mandalay.  Parents and students should only cross at this designated crosswalk.

circle drive

Please follow these safety precautions in the circle drive:

  • Drop off area - one lane of "drop off and pick up only"
  • Pull all the way forward to the end of the lane before dropping off or picking up children
  • Students should enter and exit on the passenger side of the vehicle only
  • Do not exit your vehicle! NO parking in the "drop off and pick up only" lane
  • Right turn ONLY when exiting the Circle Drive

circle drive parking

Please be aware there is no standing or parking in the circle driveway other than in the designated spaces.  This is a City of Royal Oak ordinance and is of utmost importance to ensure student safety.

street parking

Parking is allowed on the street in areas not restricted by City of Royal Oak posted traffic signs.  Parking is also available on the north side of the building in the school staff parking lot.

It is requested that all adults who are arriving and departing from the school be particularly cautious and mindful of the children and adult pedestrians in the school vicinity at all times. The safety of our entire community depends upon the care and concern from all of us.