Wrapping Up Bond 2017

Wrapping Up Bond 2017
Posted on 07/11/2022

Construction teams are busy at many Royal Oak buildings where we are expanding, upgrading, and improving structures.

There are currently four remaining projects underway this summer that were approved by the voters through a bond in 2017.

Work has started at Northwood Elementary, Royal Oak Middle School, Churchill Community Education Center, and Royal Oak Schools Maintenance and Transportation Center.

On November 7, 2017, voters elected to move forward on a school bond proposal to improve the infrastructure, technology, and learning environment for every school in the district, as well as plans to provide specific improvements to meet unique needs at each school. The total program for the proposal was $59.9 million. These projects will complete the work for the 2017 bond program.

Highlights of the work being done include:

At Northwood:

new flooring in classrooms, the cafeteria, art room, and music room

fresh paint in classrooms

and updating the media center


new exterior lighting

new flooring in the cafeteria

new locks in classrooms

replacing the track

and new classroom furniture

The new track will include 6 lanes, a long jump area, high jump area, and new shot put slab.

At Churchill:

modernizing the classrooms with flexible furniture and fresh paint

the learning commons will be remodeled, including the removal of the Kiva walls

new flooring and lights in the learning commons

doors replaced

The new learning commons will be an open space to create a flexible learning environment for students, adults, and community use

ROMS Track Bond

At the MTC:

upgrades to the bus garage and work area

new safety features