Ukuleles For All

Ukuleles For All
Posted on 05/13/2022

Ukuleles were recently spotted at Keller Elementary to help support the elementary music curriculum, donated by the Keller PTA.

According to Mary Johnson, Royal Oak Schools Performing Arts Coordinator, this is actually a project all the elementary music teachers district-wide have been working on all year. She said that Northwood and Oakland were the first to receive their ukuleles (paid for by their respective PTAs). Addams, Keller, and Oak Ridge have also been gifted theirs, and Upton is up next.

A presentation was prepared for the PTAs of each school to request the unique purchase and explain why ukuleles.

Why Ukuleles?

  • The new elementary music digital curriculum (Musicplay) already includes resources for ukuleles and we would be able to maximize the district's purchase.
  • Ukuleles are one of the easiest string instruments to learn
  • They are FANTASTIC for building right/left hand independence, and increasing overall dexterity.
  • Overall, they are relatively inexpensive (see classroom quote on slide 8)
  • They are a fabulous primer for the traditional string instruments (and with orchestra programs diminishing around the country- this is needed more than ever)
  • Additionally, our current instrument setup is fairly rigid in terms of what we can play and how, but a classroom set of ukuleles would open up more flexibility.
  • And, of course, they're fun!!

Projected Use for Ukuleles in the Music Classroom:

  • Accompanying songs throughout units as prescribed in the district's new curriculum
  • Learning popular music to reinforce lessons on musical form
  • Accompanying concert music
  • Providing students the opportunity and freedom to explore music in a way that is relevant to their own tastes!

Ukuleles at Keller
Ukuleles at Keller 2

Students showing off their ukuleles at Keller Elementary School!