Friendly Food Services Reminder

Friendly Food Services Reminder
Posted on 09/01/2022


Please remember to use your student ID card to scan at the registers, or punch in your ID number at the cash registers for breakfast and lunch. (Your ID number starts with 200 and is on your student ID card and/or your schedule). This is very important to keep the lunch lines moving quickly. Your ID number will not change from year to year so once you remember it you are good to go. Cashiers asked to look up your name will write down your student ID number on a piece of paper for you. Students should then use that number going forward.

Elementary Schools:

Lunches are ordered one day ahead and this process will take place in the classroom in the morning. Some classrooms will take orders for the entire week, this is fine too. Typically, DK & K (sometimes first graders) can send in the printed menu with the days and meals circled that they will be ordering. This menu would go to the teacher. Please put your child's first and last name on the menu at the top. *First day of school: no pre-ordering is necessary.

Breakfast at Upton and Oakland:

Breakfast will be served in the classroom at the beginning of the school day. No pre-ordering is necessary. Breakfast will be served at no cost to students thanks to the Better with Breakfast program.

Breakfast at Addams, Keller, Northwood & Oak Ridge:

Breakfast is available in the cafeteria approximately 25 minutes prior to the start of school. Consult your child's school main office for specific times the doors will be open. Breakfast will cost $1.25 for full pay, $.30 for reduced eligible students and free for free eligible students.


Please remember that a fruit and/or vegetable must be selected as part of every meal (breakfast and lunch).

Your children won't automatically be free this year like last year. Please make sure you fill out the free/reduced meal application that was mailed to you a few weeks ago or go to to download a paper copy.

Please consider putting money on your student's account prior to the start of school. For information on how to pay on-line, please visit our website,, and click on "Food Service" "Forms and Documents" then "How To Pay For Meals" for instructions. Cash is also accepted, but is difficult to track if lost between home and the lunch room. Checks are also accepted at each school. Be sure to put your students name on the check.

Questions: call Food Service at 248-435-8500 ext. 1123