A Fun Way To Learn About Instruments

A Fun Way To Learn About Instruments
Posted on 04/05/2022

Instrument Petting Zoos are back!

An Instrument Petting Zoo is a collection of musical instruments that travels from school to school so 5th grade students can come by, pick them up, and try them out. This hands-on experience has been closed off to children due to the pandemic but was recently brought back to Royal Oak Schools elementary schools.

"The Instrument Petting Zoo assemblies offer every student in Royal Oak the opportunity to experience playing various different instruments regardless of whether they join a Band or Orchestra class in the fall," said Mary Johnson, Royal Oak Schools Performing Arts Coordinator. "However, for many students, this unique experience unlocks a passion for instrumental music they never even knew they had! The second that instrument touches their hands and the first time they make a sound; they're hooked- for life. It's an amazing process to watch and a pleasure to host."

Kids that attended were able to touch, feel, and play string, wind, brass, and percussion instruments.

 Girl Plays Cello Teacher Helps Student with Violin

Teacher with Students Teacher in Petting Zoo

"With all we know about the many benefits of students learning and practicing music in their lives, having an opportunity to expose them to options and promote enthusiasm in the musical arts is an extremely valuable opportunity for our kids," Oakland Elementary Principal Sam Lynch said.

During this event, representatives from McCourt's Music Group and members of the Royal Oak Performing Arts staff introduced the students to various musical instruments they may choose from if they choose to enroll in Band or Orchestra classes next fall at ROMS.

Girl Holds Flute Boy and Sax

"The instrument petting zoo is a truly fantastic opportunity for our 5th graders, not only is the program a great way to introduce instruments to our students, and inspire children to try new things, it is a fantastic opportunity for them to show kindness and encouragement towards their peers," said Upton 5th Grade Teacher Laura Foss.

Boy on Keys Girl on French Horn

Northwood Principal Jennifer Knipper added, "The instrument petting zoo allows students the opportunity to get their hands on all of the available instruments, to help them make an educated choice. I'm so glad we offer this experience to our 5th graders!"

The instrument petting zoo is part of the jump start program and is subsidized by the Royal Oak Schools Foundation.