Michigan Junior Honor Society*

*Sponsored by: Danielle Masouris/Jeanne Ernatt
MJHS is an Honors association that primarily does community service. Members must apply at the end of 7th grade and meet the academic criteria for 8th grade membership.

In order to be considered for membership in the ROMS chapter of MJHS, all application materials must be submitted to either Mrs. Masouris or Mrs. Ernatt.

2019 Application deadline Friday, April 26th

Starting Date:    Grade Level:

8th grade
7th graders need to apply after 3rd marking period. See Mrs. Ernatt or Mrs. Masouris for more information.

Ending Date:   Time:  7:15am-8:00am
Location: room 315 Meeting Days:  Tuesday

Ski and Snowboard

Sponsored by:  Keith Kohring/Jeanne Ernatt
*Teachers will meet students at Pine Knob and assist with equipment and lift tickets. They will supervise students during ski time and present for emergency situations.

Starting Date:


Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:   Time:  3-8 p.m.
Location:  Pine Knob Meeting Days:


Yearbook Club

Sponsored by: Karina Landis/Sofia Khaleel

*Students will be creating the 2019-20 yearbook. Students will upload photos and us the Josten's page layout program

Starting Date: 1/13/20 Grade Level:     6-8
Ending Date: 3/2020 Time:  3-4 pm
Location: computer lab Meeting Days:  Monday

Student Council -by application process:

Sponsored by: Deb Taylor/Kerry Derminer
Leadership club for students

Starting Date:   Grade Level:  6-8
Ending Date:   Time:  before school 7:00-7:50 am
Location: Student Coun. room Meeting Days:  Tues/Fri

School Leadership. The facilitating of a group of 54 students who plan, promote and work school events. 


Sponsored by: John Sebastian

Starting Date:                                          Grade Level:  6
Ending Date:                                           Time:  7:20-7:50 am
Location: Room 121                                       Meeting Day: Thursday mornings

Morning Math help with sixth graders.


Sponsored by: Tilda O'Neal

Starting Date:                            Grade Level: 7th
Ending Date:                                  Time: 2:50-3:50 pm
Location: Room 313                                 Meeting Day: Thursday

Help any seventh grade student with math. Pre-teaching math concepts will be the focus

Sponsored by:
Crystal Guerard

Starting Date:                         Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:                            Time: 7:20-7:50 a.m.
Location: Room 304 Meeting Day: Friday

In the Spanish language, "LaTertulia" means "social gathering." Friday mornings, interested ROMS Spanish students can meet and practice their Spanish conversation in a small group setting.  Topics may vary. Bring a notebook to keep track of your new learned phrases and words.  Students will need a morning pass from Ms. Guerard and enter through the breakfast club.


SPONSORED BY: Crystal Guerard/Kristina Ellenberger
Starting Date:  10/2/19                        Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:   April/May                      Time: 3-4 pm
Location: Room 203                            Meeting Day: Wednesday

*Take action/Volunteer locally
*Strengthen community
*Make new friends
*Develop leadership skills
*Have Fun!

Intramural Basketball

Sponsored by:  John Sebastian
Starting Date:                                          Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:                                            Time:   Intramural Basketball calendar
Location:     gym                                                  Meeting Days:  dates listed below

*Basketball skills and games will be provided to boys and girls in grades 6-8
Intramural Basketball requires a physical which should be given to Mr. Sebastian. There is no fee to play.


Intramural Basketball-Girls

Sponsored by:  Michael Betman
Starting Date:                                      Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:                                          Time:   6:45-7:45 am
Location:     gym                                                Meeting Days:  varies

Beginning of each session will work on specific basketball skills, then play a basketball game.  Throughout the sessions add in various fun games to enhance basketball skills.


Sponsored by: Alicia Duncan                                     Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Date:                                                              Time: 3-4 pm
Ending Date:                                                                Meeting Days: Tuesday
Location: Room Art B

Students will have weekly opportunities to create individual and collaborative artwork, as well as explore art in the community.


Sponsored by: Catherine Brueckman and Pauline Schultz
Starting Date:    1/9/20                         Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:     3/20/20                        Time: 3-4pm
Location: Classroom 206/215               Meeting Days:  Monday and Thursday

Students will prepare a speech for an oratorical competition sponsored by the South Oakland Optimist Club.  They will write, practice presentation skills, learn acting skills, community awareness and understand the power of optimism. 


Sponsored by: Eric Wright
*Vastly popular role playing game.

Starting Date:                                   Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:                                      Time: 3-4:15 pm
Location:  Gathering Pl                        Meeting Days: Monday


Sponsored by: Tilda O'Neal
Starting Date:                            Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:                           Time: 2:50-3:50 pm
Location: Room 313                           Meeting Days: Monday & Tuesday

*Students will spend their time coding and playing computer games. We will run computer game tournaments.


Sponsored by:  Sofia Khaleel
Starting Date:    9/23/19                                   Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:    12/17/19                                   Time: 2:50-3:45 pm
Location: Computer lab A1                               Meeting Days:  Monday

*Students will learn to take a good photograph. They learn how to edit images. Students will create a photo blog.


Sponsored by:  Jeanne Ernatt                                 Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Date:    9/12/19                                            Time:  3-4 p.m.
Ending Date:     12/19/19                                           Meeting Day: Thursday
Location:           Room 207
*Students will meet weekly to play Board Games.  Students may bring their own game or use teacher provided games. No electronic games. 


Sponsored by: Jennie Bosley                                           Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Date:                                                        Time:   3-4 p.m.
Ending Date:                                                        Meeting Day: Tuesday
Location: 7th grade office

*Knitting Club is open to all interested students are encouraged to bring a project they are already working on or knitting needles and yarn to learn how to knit.


Sponsored by:  Kathy Knapp              Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Date:  Oct. 2                      Time: 3-4 pm
Ending Date:  Jan. 22                          Meeting Day: Wednesday
Location:  Room TBD

*On Applebee Pond Puppet Program performs for Mrs. Durham's class throughout the year. Each show has a lesson that is taught to the students, puppet show is performed and kids do a lesson plan.  It is an incredible program. Meeting dates are  Oct 2, 9, 16, 23- Nov. 6, 13, 20- Dec. 4, 11, 18- Jan. 8, 15, 22.



Sponsored by: Jill Hill                                                      Time: 3-4 pm
Starting Date:                                                       Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:                                                        Meeting Day: Wednesday
Location:  Learning Commons

Makers Club is a place for students to be both creative and innovative thinkers and inventors. Through electronics, online coding, 3D modeling and printing, and other textile and artistic exploration, students in the club have an opportunity to work through the Design Thinking process while using materials available through the Learning Commons and Makerspace.


Sponsored by: Sofia Khaleel                                     Time: 2:50-3:45  pm
Starting Date:   9/23/19                                              Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:   12/17/19                                              Meeting Days: Tuesday
Location: Computer lab A1

Students will create Do-it-yourself projects. Students will be supported to find craft projects to create with other students. 


Sponsored by: Sarah Bockhausen                       Grade Level: 6-8
Starting date: 9/26/19                                            Meeting Day: Tuesday (once a month)
Ending date:  6/4/19                                              Time: 3:30 - 4:30/5:00 pm
Location: varies

Students will explore historical locations around Royal Oak.  Students will do various activites to learn about Royal Oak history


Sponsored by: Kerry Derminer                                  Grade Level: 6-8
Starting date:                                                 Meeting days: Mon-Thurs.
Ending date:                                                   Location: Room 205
Time: 3-4pm
A study room for students to complete assignments and for teachers to send students who have not been completing their assignments and/or complete an assessment. 

SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Acceptance)

Sponsored by: Kathy Knapp            Grade level: 6-8
Starting Date: Oct. 1                         Meeting days: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays                        
Ending Date:   May 15                                                           
Location: Room TBD                                                                          

Saga is an after school club that welcomes all students and is designed to create a safe space for the LGBQT community and their allies.  The club strives to help students develop positive relationships between peers & work toward creating a more inclusive environment at ROMS.
Oct.1 & 15, Nov. 5 &19, Dec. 3 & 17, Jan. 7 & 21, Feb. 4, Mar. 3 & 17, April 7 & 21, May 5


Sponsored by: Erin Shaughnessy and Hannah Connelly     Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Date:                                                           Ending Date: May
Time: 3-4pm                                                                            Meeting Day: Thursday

Location: Outside field or Gathering Place as weather permits.

A program through Special Olympics bringing students with and without disabilities together through education, sports and youth leadership.  We will be practicing Bocce Ball to prepare for the state games.


Sponsored by:  Stephanie Scobie                   Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Date:    Oct. 4                                     Ending Date: June
Time:  3-4 pm                                                   Meeting Day: Thursday
Location: Room 218 or LC when available

Warhammer is a miniature based game where you collect, build, paint miniatures.  It is played against others.                            

Sponsored by: Danielle Masouris
Starting Date:                              Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:                                  Meeting Day: Thursdays
Time: 3-4 pm                                              
Students are able to share and write cr3ative stories , poem, plays, etc. 

Sponsored by: Gregory White II
Starting Date:                             Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:                             Meeting Day: Tuesday
Time: 3-4pm                                                     Location: 216 and Greenhouse

A group of students who are interested in opening the unused greenhouse on the 3rd floor. 


Sponsored by:   Kathy Knapp                          Grade Level:      6-8                      
Starting Date:                               Meeting Day: Wednesday
Time: 3-4pm                                                     Location: 8th grade lounge  

The Stage Troopers is a club that performs for the POHI students at ROMS.  We do puppet shows, facilitate a lesson that is about the theme of the puppet show (i.e. kindness, caring, campassion, etc) and enjoy a treat together. This club requires good attendance, a happy and giving heart and feel comfortable performing in front of others. 


Sponsored by: Sofia Khaleel                 Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Date:                                                      Meeting Day: Wednesdays
End Date:                                                          Location: Khaleel's room
Time: 3-4pm                                                                   

In the Unity of Cultures Club we will discuss different cultural/ethnic backgrounds and explore them.  Projects and activities based on different cultures. 

Sponsored by: 
Lindsey Parker                      Grade Level: 6-8
Starting date:                                       Meeting Day: Wednesday
End date:                                             Location: Room 214               
Time: 3-4pm

Girl Power is a club open to girls who either excel in math or need additional support in math. Activities on meeting days include homework help, board games, and monthly math competitions. 

Sponsored by:
Mr. White/Mr. King             Grade level: 6-8
Starting Date:                                 Ending Date: 6-6-19
Time:   3-4 pm                                             Meeting Days: Thursday
Location: Gathering Place

Ping Pong Club is for all level of players.  The club will meet in the Gathering Place to learn how to play, play games, matches and eventually tournaments with the club members.


Sponsored by: Ms. Stieber                   Grade level-6-8
Starting Date:  9/16/19                          End Date: TBD
Time: 3-4 pm                                         Meeting Days: Monday
Location: Room 302     

Students do you ever wish there was a way to report about all of the ROMS news, sports, clubs and classes from YOUR perspective?  The ROMS newspaper will report on all of these things and more! The ROMS newspaper, run by students of all grades, will come out 102 times a month and will include monthly features by students, for students. 

_______________________________________________________________________________________ROMS ROBOTICS TEAM*

Sponsored by: Michael Holden and Randi Paananen
Starting Date:                        Grade Level:  6-8
Time: 6:00-8:00 pm                             Meeting Days: Mondays, Wednesdays and occasional Saturdays
Location:   Mezzanine            

Beginner to advanced, ROMS Robotics seeks to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders. Building on science, engineering and technology skills.  The ROMS Robotics team fosters well-rounded life capablities, including self-confidence, communication, leadership and gracious professionalism.  Students will learn to solve problems through brainstorming, prototyping, building and integrating hardware and software.  The robots are then taken to the field for testing their design and opertion. Lessons learned from the competition field are taken back to the lab as feedback to the engineering process.