Michigan Junior Honor Society*


*Sponsored by: Danielle Masouris
Michigan Junior Honor Society (MJHS) is a club that focuses on volunteering in and around our community. Along with volunteer hours,  Members are expected to have and maintain a 3.75 GPA, and receive citizenship marks of 1’s and 2’s. This Club is for 8th Graders, and requires students to apply.  Applications will be available and due in September.  Late applications will not be accepted.  

Starting Date:   Grade Level:

8th grade

Ending Date:   Time: varies
Location: Room 315 Meeting Days: 1 time/month, with scheduled meetings as needed for activities.



Sponsored by: Stephanie Scobie

Starting Date: 9/14/2020 Grade Level:     6-8 
Ending Date: 1/29/2021 Time:  12-12:30
Location: WebEx  Meeting Days:

 Monday and Wednesday

Lunch & Lit is a time to chill out, eat lunch, listen to a good book, then debrief a short time after.

WebEx  https://oneoakland.webex.com/meet/ms.scobie

Student Council -by application process:

Sponsored by: Kate Chambers, Lindsey Potterack and Anne Regal
Leadership club for students

Starting Date: 9/22/2020 Grade Level:  7-8(6th grade after transition to hybrid model)
Ending Date: 6/9/2021 Time:  before school 7:00-7:50 am
Location: Webex Meetings in virtual model, Student Council room in hybrid model Meeting Days:  Tues/Wed

Student Council is one of Royal Oak Middle School's Leadership Clubs.  Students become representatives by going through an application process mid-October.  Representatives who maintain acceptable grades and citizenship can maintain their position for all years at ROMS. During the virtual learning, returning members may apply.  Once the district transitions to a hybrid model, new members may apply.



Sponsored by: Tilda O'Neal

Starting Date: 10/8/2020                         Grade Level: 7th
Ending Date:   2/4/2021                            Time: 12:20-1:10pm
Location:  https://oneoakland.webex.com/meet/tilda.oneal

Meeting day: Thursday

Help any seventh grade student with math. Pre-teaching math concepts will be the focus


Sponsored by: Laura Vukich/Alicia Duncan

Starting Date: 1/13/21                       Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date: 5/9/21                           Time: 1:30-2:30 (this will have to change with hybrid                                                                                                          scheduling)
Location: Webex                                Meeting Day: Wednesday

Art club is for all students who want a chance to learn a variety of art skills as
well as work in a creative environment.


Sponsored by Katherine Chambers and Emma Dunn

Starting Date: Nov. 9                                        Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date: April 26 tentatively                      Time: 3-4 virtually
Location: Virtual space now                              Meeting Day: Mondays tentatively

Drama club will be designed to allow students to show up as, and be themselves in a fun and creative way!  We will be learning improv games, proper ways to speak and ready the vocal cords, stage blocking, set design and construction, lighting, props, acting techniques, all about backstage etiquette, and much more.  We are also working to teach up with a ROHS student who will be completing a virtual workshop with the kids.  We are thrilled and excited to bring drama to the students of ROMS! The show must go on!


Sponsored by:
Crystal Guerard and Marta Abraham

Starting Date:    11/24/2020                             Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:       3/15/2021                              Time: 12:10-1:10 (SEL time)
Location:   https://oneoakland.webex.com/meet/marta.abraham                                       
Meeting Day:

Any ROMS student who is interested in extending their knowledge of the Spanish language and culture can join Spanish Club.  We will engage in all things related to Spanish such as: practicing our Spanish conversations, listening to popular music, play games, watch movies, arts and crafts, and celebrate Hispanic holidays. Students can join at any time of the year. 



Sponsored by:   Tilda O'Neal                                    Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Date:    11/23/2020                                       Time: 12:20-1:10 pm
Ending Date:   3/8/2021                                             Meeting Days: Monday
Location: https://oneoakland.webex.com/meet/tilda.oneal

Students will participate in high-interest, online, multiplayer, social deduction games with peers


Sponsored by:   Natalie Weir                                  Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Date:    11/19/2020                                     Time: 2-2:50 pm
Ending Date:      3/18/2021                                      Meeting Days: Thursday
Location:  WebEx https://oneoakland.webex.com/meet/natalie.weir
In the past few months, Among Us has increased in popularity.  It quickly became the video game of the pandemic and a distraction from a rough 2020.  It's fun to find out who the 'imposter' is in this 'whodunit' game.  Students will be able to interact in WebEx breakout rooms with the popular "Among Us" app or get it on a PC at Steam & http://itch.io



Sponsored by: Catherine Brueckman 
Starting Date:   11/10/2020                         Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:     12/1/2020                          Time: 2:20-2:50pm
Location: WEB EX                                      Meeting Days:  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

NEW CLUB!  I Matter Because...Mrs. Brueckman will be starting the ROMS PTSA Reflections Art Contest Club on Tuesday, November 10 for any student interested in entering the contest.  She will go over the contest theme, rules and brainstorming.  Mrs. Brueckman will be holding this club on TUES, WED and THURS. from now until Dec. 1 from 2:20 - 2:50 PM in her Web Ex classroom for students who want to participate (they do not need to attend every session). Students will find out more information during the club by joining Google Classroom at u3leyx6.  They will also find the web ex link there as well. 

Email Mrs. Brueckman at catherine.brueckman@royaloakschools.org for more information. The theme of this year's contest is I Matter Because..


Sponsored by: Eric Wright

Starting Date:   11/23/2020                               Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:     3/15/2021                                Time: 12:30-1:45 pm
Location:           Virtual to start                          Meeting Days: Monday

This is a vastly popular role playing game.  No experience necessary as newcomers are welcome and given proper training by serious dungeon masters.  Experienced players are also welcome.  This year we will explore all the virtual resources available.



Sponsored by:  Tilda O'Neal
Starting Date: 10/8/2020                           Grade Level: 7
Ending Date:  12/01/2020                          Time::12:20-1:10 pm
Location: Virtual to start                             Meeting Days: Tuesday & Wednesday
Location address: https://oneoakland.webex.com/meet/tilda.oneal

*Students will spend their time coding and playing computer games. We will run computer game tournaments.


Sponsored by:  Jennifer Brackmann
Starting Date:  11/19/2020                      Grade Level: 6, 7, 8
Ending Date:   4/22/2021                        Time: 1:45-2:30 pm
Meeting Day: Thursday
Location: WebEx  https://oneoakland.webex.com/meet/jennifer.brackmann 

The German Club at ROMS welcomes any and all students who express interest in learning about the German culture in any and every facet.  (The people, the history, the customs, the language, international relations, etc.)


Sponsored by: Jennie Bosley                                           Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Date:   Nov. 24, 2020                                            Time:  1-2pm 
Ending Date:     March 30, 2021                                        Meeting Day: Tuesday
Location: Virtual

Open to any students interested in the fiber arts. Knitters and crocheters are welcome.  Instructional videos will be available to participants as hands-on instruction is limited in the virtual setting. 



Sponsored by: Jill Hill                                          Time: 3-4 pm
Starting Date:   11-18-2020                                  Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:     4-21-2021                                   Meeting Day:  Wednesday
Location:  https://oneoakland.webex.com/meet/jill.hill

Makers Club offers an opportunity for students to be both creative and innovative thinkers and inventors.  Through online coding, paper and cardboard construction, electronics, 3D modeling and printing, cooking, and other textile and artistic exploration, students will learn about being markers in many different ways. 


Sponsored by: Sofia Khaleel                                     Time:
Starting Date:   12/3/2020                                          Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:   3/25/2021                                            Meeting Day: Thursday
Location: https://oneoakland.webex.com/meet/sofia.khaleel

Students will create DIY projects, with other students. Students as a group will come up with a list of projects to create.


Sponsored by:    Sofia Khaleel/Ajai Tice             Grade Level: 6-8
Starting date: 12/2/2020                                      Meeting Day: Wednesday
Ending date:  3/24/2021                                       Time
Location: https://oneoakland.webex.com/meet/sofia.khaleel

Creating a space to talk about different cultures. Students are able to connect to other students and come up with activities and interest to explore within the club..


Sponsored by: Sarah Bockhausen/Hannah Mathes       Grade Level: 6-8
Starting date:   11/17/2020                                              Meeting days: Tuesday SEL
Ending date:     6/8/2021                                                Time: 12:20-1:10
Location: https://oneoakland.webex.com/oneoakland/j.php?MTID=m43a405e446118c794c05dc5c2e71f172
Students and allies will meet weekly to support each other and chat.



Sponsored by:  Hannah Mathes and Jayann Froberg     Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Date:    11/19/2020                                             Meeting Day:Thursday        
Ending Date:      6/10/2021                                              Time:   12:20-1:10 pm

Taking place during the SEL block each Thursday, Anime Club will offer opportunities for students to watch movies, discuss anime, draw, and meet other students. 



Sponsored by:     Kyrstin Jensen                       Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Date:  12/2/2020                                   Meeting Day: Wednesday
Ending Date:   6/2/2021                                     Time:  2:30-3:00pm
Location: Webx https://oneoakland.webex.com/meet/kyrstin.jensen

Jazz Lab is a club open to band or orchestra students interested in learning about jazz and improvisation! Students will enjoy listening to different types of jazz, as well as learning to play their instruments in the jazz style. Students will be introduced to the basics of improvisation, and will learn to perform improvised solos.



Sponsored by: Ms. Stieber                   Grade level-6-8
Starting Date:  10/11/2020                    End Date: End of May
Time: 3-4 pm                                         Meeting Days: Monday
Location: WebEx or Room 302     

Students, do you ever wish there was a way to report about all of the ROMS news, sports, clubs, and classes from YOUR perspective?  The Bulldawg Times will report on all of these things and more! The ROMS newspaper, run by students of all grades, will come out once a month and will include monthly features by students, for students.  Send an email to kaitlin.stieber@royaloakschools.org if you would like the link to begin attending Newspaper meetings! Our first meeting will be October 11th at 3pm. 



Sponsored by:   Kate Chambers                 Grade Level:  6-8
Starting Date: Oct. 5, 2020                          Ending Date:   Jan. 25, 2021   
Time:    Nov. 23-Jan. 25 12:30-1pm, Oct. 5-Nov. 2 8:30-9:00
Meeting Days: Monday
Location: WebEx

Mindful Mondays is a club where students can come to relax and restore in a mindful way. During this time I will be leading Yoga Flows, Chair Yoga, Zentangle Drawing, and other mindful activities. While meeting we will work to let go of stress we are feeling from school, the pandemic, and life in general. We will work to support one another through acceptance, kindness, and compassion. I am a certified Yoga Teacher and love sharing the practice with others, especially my students!



Sponsored by:  Dustyn Truitt                       Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Date:   11/16/2020                          Ending Date: 2/1/2021
Time:    12:20-1:10  pm                                 Meeting Days:  Monday
Location:   https://oneoakland.webex.com/meet/dustyn.truitt72    
A platform for students to talk about college and professional sports and any current events in the sports world.  Think of this as ROMS sports talk radio.



Sponsored by:    Dustyn Truitt                   Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Date:    11/17/20                            Ending Date:  1/11/2021
Time:     12:30-1:00  pm                              Meeting Day: Tuesday and Thursday
Location: https://oneoakland.webex.com/meet/dustyn.truitt72 

A space for students who enjoy playing fantasy football to talk about their teams, get suggestions and help with their lineups for the coming weeks. 



Sponsored by:  Jessica Quinn                                Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Date:    12/8/2020                                      Ending Date: 5/1/21
Time:  1:50-2:30 pm or 11:15-12:00                         Meeting Day:  Tuesday/Thursday
Location: Virtual 

Students will gather to watch movies together and chat about their favorite parts.



Sponsored by: Jennifer Kocis

Starting Date: 12/2/2020                        Grades: 6-8
Ending Date: 5/26/2021                         Time: 1:50-2:20 pm
Meeting Day: Wednesday
Location: https://oneoakland.webex.com/meet/jennifer.kocis

Students will meet to discuss what they are reading each week, with a focus on particular genres.



Sponsored by: Vashon Strong, Charla Ross, Nicole Reynolds

Starting Date: 12/7/2020                       Grades: 6-8
Ending Date:  6/4/2021                          Time: 1-2 pm
Meeting Day: Monday - biweekly
Location: https://oneoakland.webex.com/meet/vashon.strong | 1728578032

“We Are One” is a club which will allow students of all identities to come together as one to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion. Here at Royal Oak Middle School, the club is open to all 6th through 8th grade students who are interested in making ROMS an even better place to be.



Sponsored by:   Sophia Khaleel                        Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Date: 1/5/2021                                      Ending Date: 4/20/21
Meeting Day: Tuesday                                        Time: 2:00-3:00p.m.
Location: https://oneoakland.webex.com/meet/sofia.khaleel

Students will learn digital art through Google Draw, TinkerCad and other digital art platforms.



Sponsored by: Michael Betman        Grade Level:  6-8
Starting Date: 3/8/21                          Ending Date:   6/7/2021    
Time: 3:15-4:15 pm                             Meeting Days: Mondays 
Location:   Gathering Place

A club for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to play ping pong -all levels welcomed. Need to register on the ROMS student support service page on Canvas-limit 12 students per week.     



Sponsored by: Emma Dunn/Jenna Kotula          Grade Level:  6-8
Starting Date: 12/16/2020                                    Ending Date:   6/9/2021    
Time: 3:05-4:00 pm                                              Meeting Days: Every other Wednesday
Location: Email Madame Dunn (emma.dunn@royaloakschools.org) or Madame Kotula (jenna.kotula@royaloakschools.org) for an invitation to the club! 

French club is open to any students who are interested in expanding their knowledge about the French language as well as the cultural traditions practiced in French-speaking countries. We will play games, listen to music, make crafts, and engage in conversations to learn and practice useful words and expressions. We hope to see you there!



Sponsored by: Alisha Washington          Grade Level:  6-8
Starting Date: 12/3/2020                          Ending Date:   3/1/2021    
Time: 1:10 -1:40pm                                   Meeting Days: Thursdays
Location:   Alisha.Washington Personal Room Webex https://oneoakland.webex.com/meet/alisha.washington

“Eat sleep breathe Harry Potter”. Harry Potter club is a meeting for fans of the books and franchise. We play trivia and talk about our favorite character. 



Sponsored by: Michael Holden          Grade Level:  6-8
Starting Date: 9/10/2020                     Ending Date:   3/31/2021    
Time: 6:30 pm                                      Meeting Days: Mondays and Thursdays
Location:   Mezzanine   Room 217       

Beginner to advanced, ROMS Robotics seeks to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders. Building on science, engineering, and technology skills, the ROMS Robotics team fosters well-rounded life capacities, including self-confidence, communication, leadership, and gracious professionalism.  Students will learn to solve problems through brainstorming, prototyping, building, and integrating hardware and software. This year the team will begin with virtual meetings to collaborate on analysis, design, and programming of a robot  It is currently unknown what competition opportunities may be available in 2020/2021, but we hope to compete in some way before the end of the school year. 

For more information please use this link: https://forms.gle/CXPgp8f3fpKZcQ5D9