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TENTATIVE: Dates and times may change and/or be canceled based on Covid-19 updates.  Fall registration will be held on September 8, 9, and 10 from 3:00 - 4:00 in the cafe.  Please follow the links below to have the appropriate requirements.


Special note for 2020-21: Approved physicals utilized during the 2019-20 school year are valid for this upcoming 2020-21 school year including Fall, Winter, and Spring.

*IF your family chooses to utilize a 2019-20 physical, each student must complete a 20-21 MHSAA Sports Questionnaire.  Therefore, please print and complete option #1 from the following link: REGISTRATION PACKET with 2020-21 MHSAA Sports Questionnaire ( includes Questionnaire, Athletic Contract, Concussion Info Sheet, and Pay to Participate Information)

**IF you are a new student to Royal Oak Schools or will be participating for the first time with Royal Oak Athletics, you must hand in a valid MHSAA Sports Physical. Therefore, please print and complete option #2 from the following link: REGISTRATION PACKET with MHSAA Physical  (includes MHSAA Physical, Athletic Contract, Concussion Info Sheet, and Pay to Participate Information)

Sports Offered at Royal Oak Middle School


Fall - Must Be Registered.  See above for details.


Girls Basketball  - First tryout date - Sept. 10  3:00

Coaches:  7th Grade - Michael Betman    and     8th Grade - Brian Sopata 


Cross Country (one team, grades 6-8 boys/girls)     First Practice- Sept. 14  3:00             

Coaches: Kelley Miko    Jim Bowker    Jeanne Ernatt         
GIRLS COMSAC 2019 LEAGUE CHAMPIONS -  BOYS  THIRD Place  -   Out of 17 schools


FOOTBALL   (one team, 7/8 grade)     Firts Practice- Sept. 11  3:00

Coaches:  Jason Palazzolo   and   Greg Porter         



WINTER 1 :  Mid November - Mid January

Boys Basketball (7th grade team and 8th grade team)       

Basketball Coaches:   7th Grade - Joe Homrocky    and     8th Grade - John Sebastian

Swim   (Boys and Girls 7th and 8th)      

Coach Kevin Ryan

6 TH Grade Intramural Swim Team Late January-  parent MEETING TBD    



WINTER 2 : Mid January - Mid March

Wrestling (one team, 6-8 grade)        2019 league Meet CHAMPIONS!       

Coach:  Jeff Bowman                                         

Girls Volleyball      

7th Grade Coaches: Natalie Weir and Lauren Shafer     8th Grade Coach: Michael Betman 


SPRING: April-May

Boys Track (One team, grades 7/8) Eric Wright and Erica Lee

Girls Track (One team, grades 7/8) Amy Lieblein  and Jesse Vos)



ROMS Athletic Eligibility

Online Payment Processing System 

If you are interested in participating in athletics or an intramural sport at Royal Oak Middle School please review the information below.   

External Link MHSAA Parent Guide   

PDF DocumentMHSAA Physical   

External LinkConcussion Resources