ncaa eligibility information

The links below are guidelines for student athletes planning on participating in athletics at the next level.

Division I Academic Requirements

Division II Academic Requirements

Division III Information

NAIA Eligibility and Information

NCAA Test Score Requirements

Parchment - The NCAA Parchment code is 9999.  Use Parchment to send your ROHS transcript to your college choices.  

NCAA Student Athlete Frequently Asked Questions

ROHS NCAA Approved Courses - These are the Royal Oak High School courses that were considered core courses by the NCAA Clearinghouse on the date of publication.  Check with the school counselor during the scheduling process to ensure all requirements are met.

NCAA worksheets

Open the appropriate worksheet, make a copy, complete it with your class information, and save the worksheet to your Google Drive.  Share your completed worksheet with your counselor, Mr. Bowker ( and Mr. Surdenik (

Division I Worksheet

Division II Worksheet

NCAA Clearinghouse Eligibilty Center