young oaks latchkey program

Before and After School Child Care

The Young Oaks Latchkey Program offers comfortable, supervised before and after school care that includes activities which enhance the child's physical, social, and academic growth.

Space is limited at each elementary school in the district. Please be sure to return your paperwork as early as possible. Registration Fee refunds will be available if your elementary school Young Oaks Program becomes full and will not allow for additional students. At that time, a wait list will be created and you will be contacted as space becomes available. The Registration Fee will then be due when your child begins in the program.

The Young Oaks Latchkey Program:

  • Is available at each elementary school; 7-8:25 AM and 3:30-6 PM.  Late Start Wednesday morning hours: 7:00 -9:25 a.m. 
  • Has a supervisor and fully trained staff at each site.
  • Has an 18:1 student to staff ratio.
  • Meets the State of MI Licensing Guidelines.
  • See the current Young Oaks Schedule (below)    
  • Young Oaks Latchkey Pre-Registration Form 2019-20   Please see below to access the 2019-20 Registration Forms.

2019-20  Fee Schedule - All Schools

Time of service

Full time monthly plan

Part time variable plan

Punch card flexible plan

 AM ONLY  $153.00 per month  $11.00 per day  $65.00 (5 visits)
 PM ONLY  $174.00 per month  $14.00 per day  $75.00 (5 visits)
 AM and PM  $285.00 per month  $22.00 per day  $120.00(5 visits)


All Schools:

  • Half Days: $28.00 per day, Siblings $25.00/day
  • Full Days: $37.00 per day (7am-6pm), Siblings $33.00/day
  • Full Break Week: $185.00 per week per child; Siblings $167.00/week
  • Registration fee is $50.00 per family.
  • Other fees may apply.
  • Has snow day coverage available at a fee of $75.00 per child (no discount additional children). Snow Day Fee is due when completing your registration packet information.


New Registration Process - Beginning with the 2019-20 School Year!

Early Registration is available for students who qualify using the Young Oaks Program currently.  Please refer to the following notification:

Young Oaks General Registration Procedures

The information below consists of everything you would have received in your packet that traditionally has been mailed to your home. Please click on each link below for forms that need to be completed, printed, and brought with you to the Addams ECC. Paper copies will be available for you to complete on site at the ECC if necessary during the Early Registration Week : May 20th through May 24, 2019!

Young Oaks Parent Handbook

First, and most important, is your Parent Handbook for the Program.  Please click on the link, review, and/or print a copy for your use throughout the school year.  There is important information pertaining to our procedures for almost everything Young Oaks related, including our days of closure during the school year!

Young Oaks Parent Handbook 2019.20

Parent Welcome Letter

Next up, is your Parent Welcome Letter - it gives you information regarding the required forms to return to the ECC offices when registering for the Program:

Parent Welcome Letter 2019.20

The following links are the required forms to complete and return to the ECC Offices:

Child Information Form 2019.20        Each child that you are registering must have their own form.  This form is also known as the "Child Emergency Form".  There are areas of required completion, as indicated from the State of Michigan, Division of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Directions are at the top of the form on how to answer some of the mandated information. This form does indicate there is a reverse side to complete; this is for the paper copies that are available.

Snow Day Registration and Program Usage 2019.20   Please indicate whether you would like to register for the 2019-20 Snow Day Program (space is limited to 100 students); as well as how you plan to use the Program throughout the next school year. Complete and print - you may use one form for multiple children in your family. You will be notified once the program is full and no additional registrations can be taken.

Finance Agreement 2019.20    Please review, complete, and print this form regarding your agreement for financial responsibility of your child(ren)'s account.  You may use one form for multiple children in your family. This form does indicate there is a reverse side to complete; this is for the paper copies that are available.

Childcare Organizations Act of 2010  Please review, complete and print this page.  This act took effect in May, 2010 and this page states that you are aware this licensed program maintains a licensing notebook from the State of Michigan and that you may choose to review this paperwork during the regular business hours.  Pertinent paperwork is at each Elementary Building in the Young Oaks area.


The following link is an optional form to complete for your Young Oaks Registration:

Annual Credit Card Authorization   If completed, just know you will not have to worry about late payment fees.  The only time this may occur for you is if the charge card is declined, and we are unable to receive payment or information in a timely manner.