Royal Oak Schools Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan 
as described in Public Act 149, Section 98a 

On August 20, 2020, Governor Whitmer signed House Bill 5913 into law as Public Act 149. Section 98a states that in order to receive state aid for 2020-2021, districts must provide for instruction under an extended COVID-19 Learning Plan (“Plan”) that has been approved by an intermediate district or authorizing body. The Plan does not replace the District’s/PSA’s COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan, it is an additional plan that includes new assurances and sections on educational goals, instructional delivery, grading, and equitable access. PA 149 does not apply to districts that operate as a cyber school. 

District/PSA educational goals written for all students and all subgroups must be established no later than September 15, 2020, and submitted in their Plan to the ISD or Authorizing Body, as applicable, no later than October 1, 2020, for approval. ISDs and PSAs will transmit the approved plan to the superintendent of public instruction and the state treasurer.

Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan:

Reconfirmation Meeting Required every 30 days after initial approval

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January 2021

December 2020

Two Way Interaction Rates for December 2020


Additional Resources for Families

From food sources, to tutoring to mental and emotional support, we've got those resources listed for you here in one document.

Get Your Library Card!

The mission of the Royal Oak Public Library is to be an informational, intellectual, cultural and recreational resource for all people. They are here to help students, parents and teachers access library resources, teacher and student library cards, readers’ advisory, and to fulfill requests for resources for projects, reports and more. Adults (including ROPS teachers!) can register for a library card online, along with Royal Oak student card applications. There are a number of routes to reach the digital collections and other resources for students, parents and teachers. Two top resources for students, teachers and parents is, a fully online tutoring service, and, another invaluable resource. also offers Canvas training and tutorials. Find these databases alphabetically under Research > Databases.

Click here for ways that the Royal Oak Public Library can help.

Mental Health Liaisons Per School

KaiLi McGrath, Royal Oak High School

Ajai Tice, Royal Oak Middle School

Rob Dietiker, Churchill

Colleen Davis, Addams ElementaryOakridge Elementary

Madison Marcus, Keller Elementary, Upton Elementary

Teresa  Bruno, Northwood Elementary

Sean Meisel, Oakland Elementary

Dina Bansen, Early Childhood Center


CLICK HERE for information on the Board of Education vote for the return to school on March 22, 2021. 

CLICK HERE for information on the Board of Education vote for the return to school on March 1, 2021. 

November 4, 2020

A special board meeting was held on November 4, where it was voted to stay in remote learning until the end of the first quarter instead of returning to hybrid learning on November 9. The board voted to continue remote learning until January 29, 2021.

Per the requirements of the State of Michigan, we are required to review the Royal Oak Schools Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan with the Board of Education once per month for their consideration. As always, we will continue to assess the situation in our community on a regular basis.

The decision was based on the following:

  • Oakland County moved from a rating of ‘C’ to an ‘E’ on the county risk determination chart. That indicator ranges from “Low Risk” which means there are less than seven cases per million and less than 3% positivity in the county, and goes through Levels A-E. The current rating of ‘E’ is the highest risk level and means Oakland County cases are 150 or greater per million, with 20% or greater positivity.
  • Per the guidance for in-person instruction from the Oakland County Health Division, “Building(s) with known cases in staff or students but no ongoing transmission” should “consider remote instruction in (the) entire district”.

"We have excellent mitigation and safety measures in place for when we return to in-person learning," said Mary Beth Fitzpatrick, superintendent Royal Oak Schools. "I applaud our staff for their commitment to the safety and well-being of the district. The rise in cases and subsequent impact on our staff and families are far too great of risks to take at this time."

You can read the resolution here.

LINK: Superintendent Mary Beth Fitzpatrick’s recommendation to continue with virtual instruction was approved by the Board of Education on Wednesday, November 4. VIEW BOARD MEETING HERE

Through our enhanced cleaning protocols we are positioned to prevent the spread of pathogens using a certified disinfection process and training program. (March 2020)

For elementary return to school plans, click here and then select the school that you are interested in. 


Royal Oak Schools Response to QUESTIONS ABOUT Food Service

The following measures are being implemented in our schools:


  • Breakfast and lunch for all under 18 and those with disabilities till 26 throughout the 2020-2021 school year.  Participation is voluntary, and no forms are needed.  


  • Meals will continue to be distributed at Royal Oak High School and Royal Oak Middle School Monday through Friday 11 am - 12:30 pm for non-attendance days.


  • Breakfast will be served in the classroom for all K-5 students; the students will be socially distanced. Information will be available next week regarding delivering breakfast to grades 6-8.


  • Plexiglass has been installed in each building in front of the servery areas and in front of each cashier station.  


  • Lunch will be served in large spaces in each building.  The Principal will determine the rooms.  Each building is unique, and one size does not fit all.  Students will be socially distanced and sit in the area with their cohort.  


  • The number of lunch periods in the K-5 schools has been increased to ensure that students will be socially distanced while they eat.  The time between each group of students has increased to allow the custodians to clean the room between groups properly.


  • Lunch recess for K-5 will be by class.  Each class will have a designated area on the playground to keep the students with their cohorts.


  • Students will be monitored by lunch monitors, as always.  In some cases, those lunch monitors are also building staff (teachers, paras, etc.).  Those staff will be paid during their non-duty lunch to monitor students.  These are not additional duties for the staff, and lunch duty is voluntary.


Please use this link to review the ROHS Hybrid Learning Plan

Please use this link to review the ROMS Return To School Learning Plan (March 2021)

Listen to a recent "Educationally Speaking" podcast about the Oakland Together School Nurse Initiative.

One of the topics is the new Beaumont Safe for School Hotline


Do you have questions about quarantine and timelines?

Please click on this link to help you navigate if you are unsure.

Royal Oak Schools Response to CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS Questions

The following are answers to recent questions to assure implementation of practices in our schools regarding children with special needs.: 


  • All students will continue to be supported by the accommodations and specialized instruction identified in their IEP or 504 plan. Students who struggle with change will be supported in acclimating to and learning the new schedule and routines utilizing visual supports as required.
  • All protocols regarding social distancing will be followed, including in situations where a student requires additional supports. If a distance of fewer than 6 feet is required for a paraprofessional to support a student, additional PPE will be utilized and the amount of exposure time will be limited.
  • The District will follow all applicable emergency orders and guidance from local health departments regarding mask wearing. At this time, all children over 5 years old are required to wear a mask while at school unless they meet the exemptions in the order. The order from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services governing mask wearing can be reviewed here.

For more on the Royal Oak Schools return to school plan, click here