Forward Together

Forward Together: Cultural Competence Planning

Two high profile incidents that occurred at Royal Oak Middle School in November, 2016, create an opportunity for us to work together towards a more complete realization of our district vision to be a Community of Excellence. Although these events have highlighted a need, they did not create it. While we have a great school district in a great community, of which we are rightly proud, we acknowledge that we have work to do with regard to our promise that ALL experience a welcoming and inclusive community. We also recognize that we are not alone among districts and communities needing to do such work.  In the coming days, weeks, months, and years, we will work together to make the promise of our vision a reality for ALL.

The focus of our work moving forward is on developing capacity that allow all persons in our school community to understand the experiences of each other. Ultimately, bullying, harassment and intimidation are reduced when there are not groups of people or individuals that we view as "other.” Our focus will be on building organizational capacity, leadership training, and developing a long-term strategic plan to increase cultural competence among staff and students.   

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