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The ROSD eNews system allows parents & the community to register their email address and receive important information and updates about your schools. Note: eNews is not the same as eFolder, eFolder is the electronic version of the Friday/Monday folders. Please see the eFolder information page for more information.


You may register by our web interface, or via email, just choose the list(s) you wish to subscribe to below and sign-up. After you register, you will receive an email that will require you to confirm your email address. You may un-subscribe at any time. 

Parents, if you would like to receive School News and "eFolder" notices via email, please make sure your email address is in your contact information using the Parent Connect system and select the "School News" box.

Hint: To copy and paste an address into your email program: Highlight the email address below Ctrl+C to copy, compose a new message in your email program, click in the To: field, and Ctrl+V to paste.

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Addams Elementary PTA

Keller Elementary PTA

Northwood Elementary PTA

Oak Ridge Elementary PTA 

Oakland Elementary PTA

Upton Elementary PTA



Oak Roots

(Recycling & Green School Info)

Performing Arts   

Special Education