coe - community of excellence - award

A Community of Excellence:

Community is the context for all that we do; excellence is the standard we set for ourselves. This vision describes who we are and who we strive to be. Each one of us, each day, is committed to this vision.

Each of us know of instances where individuals go above and beyond the expected in their efforts to make this vision real for our students and community. The purpose of the COE award is to recognize exceptional individual effort towards making our district vision real.

Nomination Process:

Any community member, district family, student, or person employed by or in the Royal Oak Schools may nominate an individual who works (either as a district employee or as an employee of a contract service provider) in the district for a COE award. Community of Excellence Nomination Form

Selection Process:

Selection for COE recognition will be by the superintendent and board members with whom he works to set the agenda for Board meetings. The primary criteria will be the description of effort provided by the nominator. Consideration will also be given to the representation of all segments in the district.


COE awards will be handed out at a regular board meeting. The nominating statement will be read and the award presented to the recipient. The reading of the nominating statement and the award presentation will be videotaped and shared district wide to both staff and district families. So that the presentation can be viewed widely, the award presentation portion of the meeting will be 3-5 minutes.