Royal oak schools teacher of the year

The Teacher of the Year Awards are presented annually to honor and reward teachers in who have achieved, through their effort and example, the highest standards of excellence in their profession.

Oakland Schools has created these awards out of a conviction that a quality public education system is essential to the health and vitality of our community. We believe that encouraging excellence in education is the shared responsibility of all who reap its benefits.

This award recognizes an elementary, middle/junior high and high school teacher from Oakland County.

The three teachers from Royal Oak Schools will be eligible to win the Oakland County award.

Teachers of the year

2007-2008 Patricia Hein Keith Kohring David Barnett
2008-2009 Kara Daunt Deborah Taylor Kathy Eischeid
2009-2010 Pamela Edginton Kristina James Berta Arribas
2010-2011 Dave Stafford Danielle Masouris Donna Knaus
2011-2012 Anna Falkiewicz Catherine Brueckman Jay Vought
2012-2013 Molly Brinker Pauline Schultz Ann Maudlin
2013-2014 Patti Fitzpatrick Kerry Derminer Patricia O'Leary-Dunn
2014-2015 Betty Ann Garlak Kathy Bodine Jennifer Brownie
2015-2016 Valerie Ault Joseph Homrocky Kim Gogola
2016-2017 Lynne Laurinec Greg White Leah Doster-Barnett
2017-2018 Mary Kosnik Therese Durham Tracy Crawley
2018-2019 Kara Daunt Karina Landis Elizabeth Cusick
2019-2020 Timothy Boyer Sarah Bockhausen Alyssa Reimold
2021-2022 Val MacFarlane Kate Chambers Mia Gutierrez

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