2017 Bond: Keller Elementary

Beginning in the spring of 2019, Keller Elementary underwent construction for the 2017 bond work. The projects were finished for the 2019-20 school year and included:

  • Main office remodel and relocation: New office now located on the west side of the building features new furniture, new visitor protocol and a new canopy for easier access from the parking lot
  • Learning Commons improvements: New furniture including book stacks, additional technology includes SMART Board
  • Instructional technology upgrades in classrooms: SMART Board, white board and tack board, EPIC sound enhancement
  • New classroom furniture: Flexible classroom furniture, teacher technology workstations
  • New physical therapy and occupational therapy room: Dedicated space for OT/PT, plus other special education ancillary services located near the former main office
  • New kindergarten room in former locker room location
  • Remodeled art room, gym and cafeteria
  • New playground equipment
  • New exterior sign
  • Electrical and mechanical systems upgrades
  • Select flooring replacements
  • Select door replacements
  • Building security enhancements
  • Corridor link removed
  • Created new staff bathroom from storage area

Ribbon Cutting and Completed Projects