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 We know that other restrictions we had to follow in the last school year may not be necessary such as cohorting or social distancing, however, we will be following the mitigation strategies in place, including indoor mask-wearing by all. (see Return To School update from Superintendent)

 Mask Mandate - An emergency order has been issued by Oakland County for the control of the pandemic. 


We always encourage parents to seek answers to questions directly from their schools and teachers. This document will be used to help answer some commonly asked questions as the school year begins. 

Q: How will lunch be handled at the secondary level?

A: At the high school - three lunch periods in which students will have access to eat in the cafeteria as well as lobby areas around the gym and auditorium.  Weather permitting, we will also be using the large internal courtyard near the cafeteria which has outdoor seating for approximately 150 students.  Additional expanded indoor seating will be available when there is inclement weather. The newly expanded cafeteria can seat approximately 750 students.

A: At the middle school - There will be multiple options of seating during lunch. Students will be able to choose based on their comfort level. (See ROMS email sent 9/1/21 for more details) Outside seating cannot be guaranteed because of the variable weather forecasts. However, ROMS will continue the practice of offering students a choice of supervised outdoor time when they have finished eating and cleaned their space.


Q: What will be served for lunch this year? 

A:  Elementary lunches will be bagged and handed out to students to start the school year. 

Participation in the school lunch program is expected to be quite high this year. After a few weeks, the staff will have a better understanding of the volume and lunch procedures and the menu will change accordingly.  

More information about food service including the lunch menus can be found here.


Q: What kind of masks are required? 

A: Cloth masks or medical procedure masks work well. 

Appropriate mask-wearing


Q: Will visitors to the school be asked to wear masks?  

A: Yes. All visitors, staff, and students are required to wear masks while indoors at school. 


Mask Mandate - An emergency order has been issued by Oakland County for the control of the pandemic.


Q: Will my child’s attendance record be tarnished if they have to be on quarantine? 

A: Mandatory quarantine does not adversely affect the student’s attendance record.


Q: What will learning look like during a quarantine?

A: If a student is out of school due to illness or quarantine, learning will continue. It will look different at each level (age appropriate) and is dependent upon the length of time the student(s) may be out of school.  If a student is out for an extended period of time, individual plans will be made on a case-by-case basis to meet the needs of the students. 

Secondary students will stay connected with their classes and teachers through Canvas.     

Elementary students will be provided assignments and resources by their teacher like we would with any other sick days. In addition to the classroom teacher and depending on the number of students who are out, we may assign other adults to connect with the students throughout their absence. 

Moving to online teaching & learning, in a fully remote experience, will only occur if an entire class needs to quarantine (elementary) or if a substantial number of classes are in quarantine from ROMS or ROHS. We will not be using concurrent learning (some students in-person while streaming to some students at home) as was used last year. 

The number of students who will need to quarantine this year is expected to be less because our older students can be vaccinated, and we are all required to wear masks.  

School Quarantine Recommendations


Q: Where can I get a COVID-19 test if needed?

A: There are a variety of sites available for testing. Start here with this link to the Oakland County testing information site.


Q: Where can we get a COVID-19 vaccine? 

A: Everyone 12 years of age and older are now eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccination. Use this link for locations of where to get vaccinated: https://oaklandcountyvaccine.com/appointments/#providers


Q: Will school shut down this fall? 

A: The superintendent is in collaboration with OCHD on a weekly basis. Reports are monitored each week both locally and at the county level. Decisions to close and quarantine individual classrooms, whole schools, or the district will be made on an individual basis, considering all factors and guidance in place at the time. Should direction be given from any one of the departments that can mandate school shutdowns, Royal Oak Schools would comply. 


Back To School Guidance



Last Updated September 3, 2021


Monday, August 2, 2021

Dear Royal Oak Schools Community,

I hope you have been enjoying some fun summer activities. We have been busy in the district working on next year’s staffing, programs, and events. It is always an exciting time as a new school year approaches!

As we look forward to the opening of school on September 7, 2021, I’d like to take this opportunity to provide some essential updates with you regarding the protocols and practices that will be in place for staff and students. As we have done in the past, we continue to monitor any school changes or requirements and recommend adjustments accordingly. Bear in mind, these decisions are made with the most recent information available.


For our students, plans include full face-to-face instruction including lunch, specials/elective classes such as art, music, and PE, following a much more typical school schedule that we are all familiar with. Details regarding specific schedules and events will be provided by the principals near the start of school. We had very few remote learning requests and could not provide a separate remote program in K-8. Royal Oak High School students who requested online courses worked with the counselors and administrators to create an option for them through third-party providers.


Since June, we have successfully run in-person summer school programs with a record number of students in the classes. The students and staff were all required to wear masks during these programs when indoors, taking breaks when outdoors where masks were not required. With this safety measure in place, we did not have any positive cases of COVID-19 or need to quarantine to date. We will continue that same practice of mask-wearing in school, at all levels and buildings, as we start the 2021-22 school year. At this time, we believe it is the best mitigation strategy to keep in place to ensure the health and safety of our community.


The CDC has explicitly advised, “universal indoor masking for all teachers, staff, students, and visitors to schools, regardless of vaccination status.” We will be following that recommendation. Click here to read the guideline: CDC guidelines


Other mitigation strategies still include regular cleaning and sanitization of our school facilities, washing hands, self-monitoring child and staff illnesses, and staying home when ill. We do not anticipate using the Clear to Go app this year but may resume its use if needed. Families should inform school personnel of absences, COVID-19 positive cases, or exposure to a positive case. We will then follow quarantine and close contact tracing protocols as required by the Oakland County Health Division. We are also in the midst of installing UVC air cleaning units at all schools. For more details, please see the article in this month’s District Dispatch.


Our staff will closely monitor all recommendations from MDE, MDHHS, MHSAA, and OCHD as we near the start of school, and share those with you as they develop. You can expect those additional details throughout August, as well as information regarding visitors in our schools, field trips, lunch protocols, and guidelines for our student-athletes.

We appreciate your support and continued commitment to the safety and well-being of our students and staff. We know that other restrictions we had to follow in the last school year may not be necessary such as cohorting or social distancing, however, we will be following the mitigation strategies in place, including indoor mask-wearing by all. We are approaching the new school year with a sense of renewed optimism. Nearly all of our 5,000 students will come through the doors of our schools come September, and we are well prepared to welcome them back for a new year of learning and growing together.