Royal Oak High School student documentaries

"Identify a problem, an issue, a challenge or an interest that your or someone you know is currently facing ... and tell us about it." This was the charge given to the students in Video Production Classes for their student documentary project. From ADD/ADHD to school rules to musical tastes, they covered a broad spectrum and told their stories in creative and unique voices. These mini-documentaries are fun, informative and thought provoking. Enjoy!  

ADHD   (WMV 256kb version 8MB)

ADHD   (WMV 700kb version 17MB)

Aim Your Arrows Singer  (WMV 256kb version 8MB)

Aim Your Arrows Singer  (WMV 700kb version 21.9MB)

Bucket List  (WMV 256kb version 4.6MB)

Bucket List  (WMV 700kb version 12MB)

Cheese  (WMV 256kb version 7MB)

Cheese  (WMV 700kb version 19MB)

Community Theatre  (WMV 256kb version 9MB)

Community Theatre  (WMV 700kb version 15MB)

Doors Locked  (WMV 256kb version 5MB)

Doors Locked  (WMV 700kb version 14MB)

Drinking Fountains  (WMV 256kb version 8MB)

Drinking Fountains  (WMV 700kb version 14MB)

Duckumentary  (WMV 256kb version 9MB)

Duckumentary  (WMV 700kb version 22.5MB)

Foreign Exchange Students  (WMV 256kb version 5MB)

Foreign Exchange Students  (WMV 700kb version 12MB)

Good Teachers  (WMV 256kb version 8MB)

Good Teachers  (WMV 700kb version 19.6MB)

Impressions  (WMV 256kb version 9MB)

Impressions  (WMV 700kb version 16MB)

Preparing for College  (WMV 256kb version 5MB)

Preparing for College  (WMV 700kb version 13MB)

Royal Oak Model UN  (WMV 256kb version 8MB)

Royal Oak Model UN  (WMV 700kb version 24MB)

Student Disabilites  (WMV 256kb version 8MB)

Student Disabilites  (WMV 700kb version 15MB)

Vegetarian Lunch  (WMV 256kb version 3MB)

Vegetarian Lunch  (WMV 700kb version 6MB)

Wrestling  (WMV 256kb version 7MB) 

Wrestling  (WMV 700kb version 18MB)