Royal Oak Schools is requiring all students and staff entering a district facility to self-screen for COVID-19-related symptoms prior to arriving. Approval is noted with a green "Clear To Go" badge and the admin team is notified.

 How to download the free app:


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Per MIOSHA COVID-19 Workplace Requirements, the district is required to screen everyone who physically comes into the district.

Please take a moment to download the 'Clear to Go' app, which is our district-wide health screener app. Should you need to enter any one of our school buildings, you will first need to access this app and answer five questions before entering.

To get started, please follow these simple steps:

1.) Download the 'Clear to Go' app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

2.) Type in your email address. (For a student, their student email. For a parent, the email you use for notifications from the district.)

3.) Answer the screening questions. 

4.) Confirm your answers and receive your green badge if you are "clear to go."

If you allow the app to access your phone's GPS, please complete the screener before you leave your home, rather than the parking lot. If you answer the questions in the parking lot the case manager will get a message stating someone has checked-in to a location without a valid screening

A Chrome book will be placed at the designated points of entry for each building and you will be asked to scan your QR Code confirming completion of your screener upon arrival.

More detailed steps can be found by clicking here.

If you have not had an opportunity to set up an account for your child in the Clear to Go! App, please do this by Wednesday, February 24 to ensure students are ready for their first day of in-person instruction.

Clear To Go Step by Step Instructions

Please click on this link for step-by-step instructions on how to setup your account once you receive your email. The entire setup process will take less than five minutes.


NOTE: Students who will not be returning for in-person instruction and/or activities will not need to complete a daily health screening.


If you need support or have questions, please contact your school office.



Frequently Asked Questions

What does screening look like?

Students and staff will complete the 'Clear To Go' app each morning, prior to arriving at a Royal Oak Schools facility or boarding a bus, to ensure the individual is symptom-free.

What will happen if students/parents do not show the app at the bus stop?

  • Students riding the bus must show the 'Clear To Go' app to the driver before boarding. If a Grade K-8 student does not show the app, they will be seated in the front of the bus and parents will be contacted when the student arrives at school for the app to be completed. If this becomes a persistent problem, students will not be allowed to ride the bus.
  • Please also consider if you have wi-fi at the bus stop. If there is no wi-fi, students may need to take a screen shot of the green pass for 'Clear To Go' to show to the bus driver. High school students will not be permitted on the bus without the 'Clear To Go' "pass' badge/notification.

If you can't get the 'Clear to Go' app to work or if your child doesn't have a cell phone and/or parents don't have one - how do we show clearance to be allowed to go to school?

  • The family is asked to complete the app each morning before the student leaves the house. It will then register as clearance at the school and in the system used by the district. Schools will have an alternate method (chrome book) for students to complete the health screening if the student or their parents cannot produce the green badge on a cell phone.

How do I know if my student is too sick to attend school?

  • The 'Clear To Go' app asks questions regarding the CDC-guided symptoms of COVID-19. If any of those symptoms appear, the student is asked to remain home until the symptoms clear for at least 24 hours.
  • Check this flowchart for help with determining if your child is too sick for school.

How will 'Clear To Go' work with multiple students in a family?

  • If a parent has multiple students in the district they should have received an email to set up screening preferences for each student.
  • For any child whose family opted to do parent screening, they will need to screen for each (and as long as the parent email on each is the same they will have access on the same app for each child).
  • For students whose family is opting to have the student screen themselves, the self-screening student will need to have the app on their own device, and the parent will not have access on their app to screen (for example: a high school student and an elementary student).
  • The parents should receive a notification if the student who is self-screening fails so they will be aware of when that happens.