We are excited to share that Royal Oak Schools is rolling out Remind district-wide! If you're not familiar with Remind, it's a classroom communication tool that makes it easy to stay involved with your child's learning. Remind is free to use, and you can get and send messages on any device—even a simple text message from your phone! Although this is a district-wide rollout, Remind is not mandatory and all staff members may not choose to use Remind. Your child’s  teacher or coach may already be using a different way to communicate with you and your student. 

However, as part of this rollout, we will create official accounts for any current student and family member using the contact information we have on file. Soon, you'll receive an email or text message from Remind. All you need to do is follow the steps in the message to finish setting up your account. Here is a video demo to see how Remind works. Also, we've already set the preferred language for you and your child so you can receive messages in your home language. As long as the teacher gets replies, you can also send messages back in your preferred language, which will automatically be translated into the teacher’s preferred language. Learn more about how to send a translated message here.

We encourage you to check out this parent guide to get tips on how to use Remind. We're excited to use Remind to make connecting with your family more engaging! And here is a link to frequently used questions for parents.

If you or your child are no longer at our school, you can unsubscribe by texting back “@leave @[Replace with your unique school code]” to any text messages you may receive. Using the Remind app, you can go to your account settings and click “Leave” next to our school name. You can learn more about this process here: leave a school

Thank you!

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