Spotlight on ROS Media Centers

Spotlight on ROS Media Centers
Posted on 04/04/2022

Media centers, libraries, learning commons - we know them by many names and they all serve the same purpose, a place for students to go, hang out, read books, use technology and encourage participatory learning at school.

April is School Library Month so what better time to point out some of the recent happenings in our school libraries.

The Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union visited Upton Elementary last month and presented Principal Grzywack and Media Tech Andrea Thorpe a check for $750. MSGCU is a large supporter of teachers and schools in our community. Along with the check, Upton received bookplates and the book, "Count On Pablo," for their collection.

Upton Library

The MSGCU also made a stop at Royal Oak High School and presented Principal Michael Giromini and Librarian Amy Hermon a $750 check to purchase books for the library.

Library Grant ROHS

The high school library held a public book drive last month collecting over 220 books. They also received a special donation from the family of Noah London. The family donated Noah's books to the library as a collection, each with a dedication sticker inside the front cover.

Hermon recently applied for a grant on behalf of the ROHS Diversity Club for $5000 through the, "It Gets Better" project. "If we are awarded this grant, the money will be used for books to promote a message of acceptance and welcome for students who may be feeling marginalized," said Hermon. In order to apply, students in the Diversity Club created a promo stating why the high school should receive the grant. They'll find out if they receive the money next month.