Welcome to Royal Oak Continuing Education FAQ Page!

We offer 3 different programs.  Click the links below or use the main above to navigate to the correct page.  

Click here for info about English as a Second Language Classes

Click here for info about High School Completion for adults and students aged 16 and older.

Click here for info about GED Prep Classes


What is the registration process at Royal Oak Continuing Education (ROCE)?

1. Fill out the online registration form found on the program pages.

ESL Webpage

High School Completion or GED Webpage

2. Come in to the office to take pre-tests* and give us necessary legal documents.

Social Security Card (or Birth Certificate for those under 18)

Government-issued picture ID

*Please note that tests take up to 2.5 hours, so please plan accordingly.  English as a Second Language (ESL) Students need to do the test independent of any interpreter or helper.

3. For the High School Completion or GED programs, complete online Orientation Class (this takes about 2.5 hours of concentrated work, and most of it can be done off-site).

4. Discuss program and/or class placements with ROCE staff.

5. For the High School completion program, meet with a mentor. For the GED Test Prep Program, take a GED Ready Test.  This final step can be done on the first day of class if absolutely necessary.


Do you offer interpreters for people who don’t yet speak English?

We do not provide interpreters that help with registration or classes.  

Regarding registration, prospective students can have help on the registration forms, but no interpretation or help on pre-tests is allowed.  Prospective students are expected to have some reading skills in their native language. Prospective students need to earn a score on the pre-test that enables them to understand and participate in our classes.

With respect to classes, we find that immersion in a different language is the best way to learn that language, so our ESL classes are taught in English.


What do you offer?

At Royal Oak Continuing Education students can select between GED preparation, high school completion/diploma, English as a Foreign Language, and Adult Basic Education for individuals with a diploma or GED who need to brush up on basic skills.


Do you offer food service?

We do not have food service in the evenings. We have vending machines that have a variety of snacks and drinks in the price range of $1.00 to $4.00 each.


What are the registration dates and class starting dates?

Click here to find out current ESL Class Information

Click here to find out current GED Prep Class Information

Click here to find out current High School Completion Information


How do I decide between the GED and High School Completion programs?

You don’t need to make that decision alone! Our office staff will analyze your academic history (transcript) and will discuss program options with you so that you can get an individualized plan that you can feel good about. 


Do you have any programs or classes that can be completed entirely online? What are your attendance requirements?

No.  For high school completion and GED, attendance is required for 4 hours every week for people 18 and older. We have found that the isolation that comes with online-only programs is not helpful to completing classes and getting credentials. People younger than 19 are required to attend 8 hours every week.

ESL students do not have an online option.  ESL students are expected to attend classes 6-10 hours per week.  ESL students can only attend the class time for which they are registered.


How long will it take me to finish?

It all depends on where you’re starting from.  Most people who enroll here for the GED take at least a school year to get ready and finish all four parts. High School Completion candidates usually take at least 2-3 years to finish, but that depends on how much school you had when you started.


What are the hours?

Most classes are based on the student’s pre-determined schedule commitment.  Each student will build their in-class commitment schedule based on these hours: M-Th, 3:15-9:15


How old do you have to be to attend?

Pupils - Students who are 16-21 years of age before September 1st of the current school year.

Participants - Students who are 18 years of age as of July 1 of the current school and whose original graduation year has already passed or any individual who is 20 years or older.  There is no upward age limit - we had someone over 80 graduate a few years ago!


What does orientation consist of?

Every student needs to take part in an orientation class that is online.  There are many facets to our programming and we want you to know EVERYTHING that can help you succeed in school, work, and your personal life.  It is for that reason it is important that you finish the orientation class and complete the accompanying assignments.


How are classes held?

High School Completion classes can be online or in-person with the instructor. GED classes are blended instruction with some online and some direct-instruction components. When you attend your transcript analysis meeting and/or mentor meeting, the instructor will have a planning session with you to set goals and make a plan for achieving those goals.  


Can I work from home?

Most of activities in your classes can be completed from home; however, our program has a minimum of four hours per week in the lab with an instructor.  All tests should be taken in the lab, and all course final exams must be taken on-site.


I attended last year, do I need to do entrance paperwork again?

Yes.  Our program year begins July 1st and ends June 30th of each year and we need new paperwork and assessments for each program year.


How do I get announcements?

Sign up for our convenient Remind service.  You should get a request for this from us shortly after you register.  You will also need to join the Remind class with your teacher.  Cancellations follow Royal Oak Schools. Although we try to notify students by Remind, it is always a good idea to call or check the website if you have questions about cancellations.


Are there summer hours?

There are limited opportunities for summer classes.  Ten lucky students are selected each summer to work over the summer with the program coordinator.  These students must have a good track record of class completions and attendance.  They must also show the ability to work independently.


Do you provide any childcare?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide childcare at this time.  With this in mind, please do not bring children to registration or testing. We do not have the capacity to supervise children while prospective students take tests and children are not allowed in the testing room.


Do you provide transportation?

We do not provide transportation.  There are two bus stops that are about a mile away from our building. One bus stop is by the Kroger on 12 Mile near Campbell in Madison Heights.  The other close bus stop  is at Main Street and Girard Avenue in Royal Oak.  Check schedules and bus stops at https://www.smartbus.org/.  

What’s the deal with all of your names? Churchill? ROCE? Adult Ed? What does it all mean?

Churchill is the name of our building (Churchill Community Education Center), and what the alternative high school is called.  When you call, this is the greeting you’ll often hear on the phone.  

ROCE stands for Royal Oak Continuing Education, and it is the name that we use as an umbrella term for all of our programs, especially with the State of Michigan.  Some people just call the programs “Adult Ed” and that is correct too.  


Can you give me more information about the GED test?

There are four parts to the GED: Mathematical Reasoning, Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA), Science and Social Studies.  You can spread out the tests however you would like  We do have limitations about scheduling.  Click here for more information about tests at Churchill.


I’m under 18, can I take the GED?

People who are under 18 need to get a waiver from the superintendent of the school district in which they are a resident.  There is more information about this at https://ged.com/policies/michigan/.  


Do I qualify to take the GED classes or the GED test?

ESL Students must show English proficiency at a level of 9th Grade or higher in order to take GED classes at ROCE.


Do I need to take GED Prep Classes or can I just try the test?

Classes are not a requirement for attempting the GED test.  If you want a better idea if you will pass or not, you can take the GED ReadyⓇ practice test for a small fee.  This test is done at www.GED.com (please only make one account for your practice and formal tests).  If you think you need classes, Royal Oak Continuing Education provides individualized instruction for students who want to prepare for the GED in a structured, formal way.  These classes meet on M/W or T/Th or people can come all four nights to move at a faster pace.


What are your GED Prep classes like?

GED Students start by taking the GED ReadyⓇ on the first day of class.  Students can choose (with teacher input) which GED section they want to work on first. Sections include Reasoning Through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies.  The GED ReadyⓇ  will diagnose areas that students need to work on.  Teachers will use a variety of methods like books, computer software, and one-on-one tutoring to help you learn what you need to in order to be successful on the GED. We work on one section at a time and see that through the completion of that test section before you start another section.


How do I register for the GED Test?

We are a testing center, but we do not handle the registration or payment for the GED.  Test-takers should create an account on www.GED.com (only if an account hasn’t been created already for GED ReadyⓇ Practice Tests. Please create only one account).  During registration,  you will be asked for your ZIP code.  If we are reasonably close to the ZIP code you enter, you’ll be able to select “Royal Oak Schools” as a place to register for the test.  All registration and payment is done at that website.  Please read below about how many sections can be taken in one testing session.  

Note:  If you take classes here, it is best if you take the test at our testing center.  If you choose to take it somewhere else after taking classes here, we will need a copy of your GED test results released to us.


How much does the GED cost?

In Michigan, the GED costs $37.50 per section payable by credit or debit card at www.GED.com at the time of registration.  Please see www.GED.com for more information.


Are accommodations available on the GED test?

Yes, but as a testing center, we can only allow accommodations that Pearson (the people who administer the GED) tells us about.  We have to follow their rules exactly, and any variation to the rules has to be approved by them and they tell us themselves how to vary the rules.  In order to request accommodations, you will need to provide recent documentation.  More information is available at https://ged.com/about_test/accommodations/


Can I take the GED in one sitting?

Due to scheduling limitations, at our site a student needs at least two days to complete all four parts of the GED.  Other sites may have different availability.  You are free to take the test at the center that best fits your needs.

Here’s something that is sort of odd about the test registration at our site; there is not enough time to take the two long tests (Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA) and Mathematical Reasoning) on the same day.  The odd part is that the GED registration website won’t tell you what the problem is (that you are trying to register for more minutes of tests than we can accommodate in one day). The website will just tell you that there is no space available, not why.  If you get that message, try to request to take any combination other than RLA and math  at one sitting.  See our GED Test Page for more information about test lengths and scheduling.