Michigan Junior Honor Society*

*Sponsored by: Jeanne Ernatt/Danielle Masouris
NJHS is an organization that does community service. Members must meet criteria. 

Starting Date:   9/16/16 Grade Level:   

8th grade
7th graders need to apply after 3rd marking period. See Mrs. Ernatt or Mrs. Masouris for more information.

Ending Date: 6/16/17 Time:  7:15am
Location: room 315 Meeting Days:  Tuesday1-2 times per month


Sponsored by: Sara Dean
*STAND is a group of students taking a new direction in making better choices and learning to advocate for those choices with their peers and within the ROMS community.

Starting Date 10/26/16 Grade Level      6-8
Ending Date 5/2/17 Time  3-4 pm
Location  Room 111 Meeting Days  Wednesday

Ski and Snowboard*

Sponsored by:  Keith Kohring/Jeanne Ernatt
*Teachers will meet students at Pine Knob and assist with equipment and lift tickets. They will supervise students during ski time and present for emergencey situations.

Starting Date: 1/5/17 Grade Level:   6-8
Ending Date: 2/23/17 Time:  4-8 p.m.
Location:  Pine Knob Meeting Days:

Feb. 2, 9, 16 and 23

Yearbook Club*

Sponsored by: Karina Landis/Sofia Khaleel
First meeting is Tuesday, Dec. 20 at 3 pm in the Learning Commons. Work Meeting begins on Monday Jan. 9, 2017 through the end of March 2017 every Monday. 
*Students will be creating the 2016-17 yearbook. Students will learn to take good pictures, edit them and save a copy to use for school functions.  They will download pictures to the Jostens yearbook website, edit them and design the layout of the yearbook all of this will be done by a deadline. 

Starting Date: 12/20/16 * see note above Grade Level:     6-8
Ending Date: 6/17 Time:  2:50-3:50pm
Location:  varies Meeting Days:  Monday

Student Council -by application process*

Sponsored by: Deb Taylor/Kerry Derminer
*Leadership club for students

Starting Date: 9/9/16 Grade Level:      6-8
Ending Date: 6/9/17 Time:  before school 7:15 am
Location: Student Coun. room Meeting Days:  Tues/Fri


Sponsored by: John Sebastian

Starting Date:  9/13/16                            Grade Level:    6
Ending Date:     6/7/17                              Time:      7:20-7:50 am     
Location: Room 121                                 Meeting Day: Thursday mornings
*6th grade students will have the opportunity to recieve extra math help weekly. 



Starting Date: 10/16              Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:  5/17                 Time: 3-4pm
Location:   304                        Meeting Day: Thursday (2x monthly)
*Students interested in extending their knowledge of the Spanish language and culture can join Spanish Club.  We will practice our Spanish conversations, listen to popular Spanish music, watch movies in Spanish, try popular dishes, arts and crafts and clebrate Hispanic holidays. 

Intramural Basketball*

Sponsored by:  John Sebastian
Starting Date:  10/10/16                                       Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:   10/28/16                                        Time:    6:45-7:45 am             
Location:            Gym                                              Meeting Days:  M/W/F
*Intramural basketball for all boys and girls in grade 6-8. Must have a health physical on file w/ Mr. Sebastian and enter through the gym doors.  Oct. 10, 14, 17, 21, 24 & 28.


Sponsored by: Kevin Ryan                                Grade Level: 6
Starting Date: 1/30/17                                           Time: 3-4:30 pm
Ending Date: 2/9/17                                              Meeting Days: M-F
Location: Pool
*Introduction to compeitive swimming


Sponsored by: Catherine Brueckman
*Students work for 2.5 months preparing a speech to compete in an oratorical contest. Mrs. Brueckman facilitates the club and works with the students on presentation skills and speech writing.
Starting Date:  1/4/17                  Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:     3/22/17              Time: 3-4pm
Location: Classroom                   Meeting Days: Monday and Wednesday


Sponsored by: Eric Wright
*The students will put the electronics away and spark their imaginations with tried and true activity that has a rather cultiss following at ROMS.

Starting Date:  12/6/16                        Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:    3/14/17                       Time: 2:50-4 pm
Location:  Room 213                            Meeting Days: 2/9, 2/14, 2/23, 3/2, 3/7


Sponsored by: Sofia Khaleel
Starting Date:    10/16                            Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:      3/17                              Time: 2:50-3:50 pm
Location: Computer lab A1                   Meeting Days: Monday
*Students will spend their time coding and playing computer games. We will run computer game tournaments.


Sponsored by:  Sofia Khaleel
Starting Date:  10/16                     Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:     3/17                       Time: 2:50-3:50 pm
Location: Computer lab A1 Meeting Days: Tuesday
*Students will spend time learning photography techniques. Students will edit photos using Photoshop. Students will create a photo blog. 


Sponsored by: Chris Conklin Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Date:   10-18-16         Time:  3-4 p.m.
Ending Date:   5-17                    Meeting Day: Tuesday
Location: B2 Art Room
*This is an opportunity for students to come up with and develop their own ideas into art projects.


Sponsored by: Jennie Bosley                               Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Date:   10/3/16                                           Time:   3-4 p.m.
Ending Date:     1/16/17                                           Meeting Day: Monday
Location: 8th grade office
*Beginner to Advanced, all knitters or those interested in learning to knit are welcome to join Knitting Club. The club will meet in the 8th grade office. Students may bring their own needles and yarn or can purchase supplies for a small fee. 


Sponsored by:  Roshea Riley                                                Grade Level:  6-8
Starting Date:   11/7/16 (first meeting is on a Monday)      Time: 3-4 pm
Ending Date:     4/18/17                                                            Meeting Day: Tuesday
Location:            Room 110
*Lego Club is designed to provide students with an enjoyable activity that stimulates spatial intelligence while showing off their creativity!  This club provides students with a chance to build new relationships, create, innovate and collaborate. Each week students will receive building challenges and some time to freely build. Club participants will also have time to share their creations. This is an ideal club for any Lego-maniac!


Sponsored by:    Jaimee Wilhelmsen               Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Date:   11/3/16                                        Time: 3-4 pm
Ending Date:      5/4/17                                          Meeting Day: Thursday
Location:             Room 107

*Students of all skill level are welcome to join. There will be instruction for those wanting to learn how to play as well as matches for those already proficient. Chess is a great way to increase students critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Sponsored by: Pauline Schultz              Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Date:  10/11/16                             Time:  3-4 pm
Ending Date:  5/30/17                                Meeting Day: Tuesdays
Location:  Room 215

*Students will identify and inititate projects to make their school and community a better place.  Students can use proposals written by last year's 7th grade. The work and goals of the former "RAK" Club can be continued if students see connected projects.


Sponsored by: Kathy Knapp                  Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Date: 10/19/16                           Time: 3-4 pm
Ending Date:                                               Meeting Day: Wednesdays
Location: Room 313

*Puppetry Team will perform puppet shows for the elelmentary students on friendship, kindness, generosity and character building themes. 


Sponsored by: Tim Jankowiak                    Grade Level: 6-8
Starting Time:  10/17/16                                Meeting Day: M-F
Ending Time:  10/21/16    
Location: Tennis courts

Tennis for boys and girls, beginning players to advanced players welcome.


Sponsored by: Jill Hill                                          Time: 3-4:30 pm
Starting Date: 10/10/16                                       Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date: 5/22/16                                           Meeting Day: Monday (every other week starting 10/10/16)
Location:Learning Commons


Sponsored by: Sofia Khaleel                     Time: 2:50-3:50 pm
Starting Date: 1/10/17                                 Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date:  3/15/17                                  Meeting Days: Tuesday and Wednesday
Location: Lab 4

Students will create Do-it-yourself projects. Students will be supported to find craft projects to create with other students. Projects include winter crafts, wreaths, sharpie crafts, modge podge crafts and other student lead ideas. 


Sponsored by:  Jason Chmiel/Robert Joynt                      Time:  3-3:30 p.m.
Starting Date:    12/1/16                                                         Grade Level:  6-8
Ending Date:       3/30/17                                                        Meeting Days:  Thursday (no meeting 12/22 & 1/5)
Location:             Computer lab in LC

Students will be looking up games on You Tube and talking about them.


Sponsored by: Kathy Bodine
Starting Date:
12/7/16                                     Grade Level: 6-8
Ending Date: 3/29/16                                       Meeting Days: Wednesday
Location:  Room 307                                       Time: 3-4 pm

Students will work on short film projects. On our last day we will have a celebration where students will 'showcase' their films.


Sponsored by: Alex Noroyan                     Grade Level: 6-8
Starting date: 2/22                                        Meeting Day: Wednesday
Ending date: TBD                                         Time: 4-4:30 pm
Location: Rm. 314

Students will choose topics of interest and learn how to debate with their classmates.  This is an important skill that all students should have. 


Sponsored by: Michael Holden, J. Florkowski, J. Bricker, R. Paananen
Starting Date:    9/16/16                     Grade Level:  6-8
Time: 6:30-8:30 pm                             Meeting Days: Mondays and occasional Saturdays
Location:   Mezzanine            

Beginner to advanced, ROMS Robotics seeks to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders. Building on science, engineering and technology skills.  The ROMS Robotics team fosters well-rounded life capablities, including self-confidence, communication, leadership and gracious professionalism.  Students will learn to solve problems through brainstorming, prototyping, building and integrating hardware and software, and then testing their designs in the field. Lessons learned from the competition field are taken back to the lab as feedback to the engineering process.