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Please note: All colleges will require you to send your final transcript to them.  Students who don’t do this will find that they can’t register for their second semester classes and often cannot change a class for the first semester.

College Open Houses: Many colleges and universities offer Open Houses in the fall.  Contact the college or university that you are interested in to find out when they are having open houses or informational meetings.  There are also several posters hanging outside the Student Service Center with open house and/or informational opportunities.


November Senior Bulletin #3

October Senior Bulletin #2

September Senior Bulletin #1

college visits 2016-17

Baker College          November 29, 2016          10:00 am

Sign up in the SSC to meet with representatives. 



Parents of Royal Oak High School seniors!  Last year’s edition of Legacy, the Royal Oak High School yearbook, was one of only 15 books in the Mid-Atlantic region to receive Walsworth Publishing Company’s Award for Excellence.  This year we are expanding our coverage of the school and building on our success.  Like last year, however, if you do not order your book in advance, you will not be able to purchase one at the end of the year.  You must pre-order.  To purchase, go to the Student Activities and Information menu on the Royal Oak High School Web Page and click on the Yearbook Ad.  Or go to  and search for Royal Oak High School.  Hurry, though.  The price is going up in January.

While you’re buying your yearbook, you can also purchase a Baby Ad for your graduating student. 

Don't forget! - Sign up for Remind 101 to get important senior class announcements. Text @rohs17 to (339) 224-6433. 

Top 10 Things Seniors Should Do (Before Starting Senior Year) 

Suddenly Seniors 2016 - Senior Parent Night presentation