Personal Technology Devices
Families are under no obligation to supply children with laptops, tablets, smartphones, or other technology devices. The district is allowing those students who have technology the option to bring it to school with the permission of the teacher(s) to be used for instructional purposes. 

Per Board Policy 5136  , such use shall be determined on a building and classroom basis. Guidelines for policy 5136 apply when students bring their personal electronic devices to school. Click here to view Guidelines for Personal Electronic Devices 

GooGLE Apps for Education
Google Apps for Education (or GAFE) is a collection of applications designed for schools. From calendars, email, websites, Docs and Forms, all the apps synchronize and flow seamlessly together to provide integration and collaboration for users within the district. Google Apps for Education are accessible through any web browser making files and work accessible 24/7 whether at home, school or on a mobile device. Royal Oak educators and students kindergarten through twelfth grade have access to Google Apps for Education through individual accounts established by the district.. The use of Google Apps for Education accounts ties in with our strategic plan and goal to offer high quality opportunities for learning that will best equip our students with the skills they need to be successful in an increasingly digital world. For more information, click here .

technology plan

The Royal Oak Technology Plan is a guide to assist in the planning and decision-making in the area of instructional technology. The plan contains:

  •  a vision for technology use
  • goals and objective for reaching that vision
  • a projected timeline for the goals and objectives
  • a projected budget to implement the plan
  • a method of evaluating the goals and objectives.

 PDF Document2011-2014 Technology Plan